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Free Medical Transcription Test


Becoming proficient in the art and science of medical transcription requires aptitude these essential elements:

  1. The ability to type
  2. The ability to listen
  3. The ability to spell
  4. Training…, Practice…, Practical Experience

Improving The Skills You Need Through Training and Education

Medical transcription is a skill, and as with any other skill, it must be acquired through training and education. This little test should in NO WAY deter you from the pursuit of a career in medical transcription. The objective here is simply to let you have a small taste of medical transcription, and to see if you may have what it takes to succeed in this lucrative and in-demand career field.

NOTE: In a true transcription environment, the transcriptionist would have a foot-pedal device and control software to adjust playback speed, to step backwards and forward through the dictation, etc. while keeping your fingers on the keyboard. For the purposes of this skills test, we do not expect you to have this equipment.

In order to proceed, you must have audio capability (a sound card) in your PC, and a media player which supports MP3 format.

This free test is divided into 4 sections — first three are essentially Listen & Spell, with 14 single words on each level, with Level 1 being the easiest and Level 3 being the most difficult. Level 4 is an actual doctor’s dictation, which is played back at normal (as dictated) speed, and is the most difficult of these tests.

Click here to start the test – GOOD LUCK!