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Student FAQs

Program Access and Technical Issues
Extensions and Deadlines
Certificates and Certification Exams
Program Transfers
Refunds and Cancelations

Program Access and Technical Issues

Q. What/Where is my username and password?
A. The username and password are included in the welcome letter we sent you. Please contact us to obtain this information if you need it to be resent to you.

Q. How do I get started?
A.  Access information and instructions for beginning your program are located in your program welcome letter.  You will need to first complete your program orientation after logging in and this will give you additional information for getting started.

Q. I can login but do not see any courses except for my orientation?
A.  You will automatically be able to see the rest of your courses at midnight on the start date listed in your welcome letter.  If you do not see anything on that day, please contact us for further assistance.

Q.  Should I wait for my instructor’s approval before taking the course’s final exam?
A.  You do not need to wait for your instructor’s approval to take a course exam. The email that they will send you before you start the program will have the information on how to work within the course modules, the correct course sequence, final exam instructions, etc.

Q. I have exceeded the 5 attempts on my exam and it is now locked, what do I do?
A.  Please contact us and we will reset your exam attempts.  Please be aware the system may require you to retake the course prior to allowing you to complete the final again.

Q. Why is my exam freezing while I am working on it?
A. Please be advised that our programs work best with either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Although all other browsers would play the course, the buttons require a media player that these other browsers may not support. Our programs store cookies and temporary internet files on your browser. To avoid a similar inconvenience in future, please go ahead and clear them periodically to prevent the course player from responding slowly. Also, it is advisable to use a steady cable internet connection because a wireless or WIFI connection may cause intermittent loss of connectivity to the internet and may lock you out of the examination.

Here is a site we recommend’s-Cache.  You can also do an internet search for “clearing cache” as there are many online resources to assist you in accomplishing this.

Q. The course player is not working or pages are not loading, what do I do?
A. Make sure that the computer you are using has all the system requirements for the course to work.   Also be sure and clear your cache and cookies to ensure that it is not storing old information.  Here is a site we recommend’s-Cache. You can also do an internet search for “clearing cache” as there are many online resources to assist you in accomplishing this.


Q. When will I receive my course materials?
A.  The standard shipping process usually requires 10-14 business days within the US. Weekends or holidays do not count. International/APO/ FPO/ PO Box address may experience delays.  Please be aware that your materials will not be shipped until your start date.

Q.  Where is my tracking information?
A.  Materials may be shipped out via USPS, UPS or FedEx and you should have received an email directly from the carrier with your tracking information.  Please check your email, including your junk/spam email folder for this information.  If you did not receive it, please contact us for the tracking information and estimated delivery date for your materials.

Q.  My materials are damaged, or missing, what do I do?
A.  Please contact us and provide the items that were damaged or missing.  Issues with material delivery and condition must be reported within 3 months of your enrollment date in order to receive a replacement.

Extensions and Deadlines

Q. What is my end date?
A.  You can find your original end date on your welcome letter.  If you are uncertain of it you can contact us for your current end date.

Q. How can I extend my enrollment?
A.  Please contact us to request an extension.

Q. Can I request a Leave of Absence as I will not be able to work on my program for a while?
A.  Please contact us for assistance with your Leave of Absence options.

Certificates and Certification Exams

Q.  Do I need to take a certification exam to receive my certificate?
A.  No, you are only required to complete the courses in order to receive your certificate, even if the exam was included in the purchase of your program.  Please contact us to confirm your completion and we will issue your certificate as soon as you complete all of the course modules.

Q.  How/When will I receive my certificate of completion?
A.  You need to notify your instructor as soon when you complete your program and they will submit your final completion information to generate your certificate.  It will be mailed to the address on file and if you have moved please contact us  as soon as possible to ensure quick delivery.

Program Transfers

Q.  Can I transfer to a different program?
A.  Yes, we allow program transfers.  Please be aware that fees may apply and you may be subject to restrictions from third party funding such as WIA or MyCAA regulations.  If you are interested in transferring please contact us for your options and fees.

Q.  What programs can I transfer to?
A.  Please view your current school catalog for available programs.

Refunds and Cancelations

Q.  How do I cancel my program and request a refund?
A.  Students who are eligible for a refund per their school catalog may contact us for assistance with canceling their program.

Q.  I know I am not eligible for a refund but how do I withdraw or drop the program?
A.  Please contact us for assistance with submitting your request.