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Student Forums and Study Groups:

We encourage students to form study groups and interact with fellow students as it is a wonderful way for you to maintain momentum, understand the class better and be successful in completing your program. Want to connect with other students? Join us at the Student Forum and experience the fun!

Please note: you will need to create an account from the invitation sent to you by the registrar when you enrolled. Contact our Student Support Department if you did not receive it.

Student Support:

Need help and not sure where to go? Contact our Student Support Department for assistance. The Student Support team is the general assistance team for students and can provide assistance with anything from updating your profile information, technical support, tracking your materials and much more. If you are not certain which department can assist you, please contact Student Support and they will ensure your request is handled as quickly as possible.

Career Services:

The Career Services team includes Career Counselors whose purpose it is to assist students in achieving their educational and career development goals. The Career Services program is free of charge, voluntary and participation or non-participation will not affect a student’s academic standing in their program. Check out the Career Services page to meet your Career Counselor and see what they can help you with today!

Instructor Information:

Each student is assigned to an instructor for one-on-one assistance with understanding concepts and content of their program. You may have multiple instructors assigned to you depending on your program and the instructors that teach it. Instructors are available to answer questions relating to course content such as exams, activities, assignments, textbooks, and the online material. Visit the Instructor Information page to meet your instructor and visit their home page.


Having trouble with the core subjects or prerequisites? Instructors are available to help students with the content covered in the online programs but sometimes you might need more. Below are some suggested tools for assistance with common topics and subjects that may need a refresher.

Computer skills:
General Math:
English Grammar:
General Tutoring for MyCAA and Military students: