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Policies and What to Expect

General Policies:

Starting the program:
You will receive a program welcome letter from our Registrar which will include the relevant information such as login information, materials included, instructor assignments etc. This letter will be sent via email to the address on file. If you do not receive or misplace your welcome letter please contact our Student Support department for assistance.

You may not access your course content prior to your official start date. The start date is listed in the welcome letter along with the login information. You may be able to access your program orientation immediately and should complete the orientation prior to beginning your coursework.

Your Instructor(s):
You will be assigned to an instructor(s) for assistance with understanding the content in your program. They are available via email and phone during their scheduled office hours for assistance with the content such as lessons, assignments, exams, textbook content etc. Once you have received your program welcome letter you will receive an introduction letter from your instructor within 24-48 business hours. Please let us know if you do not receive the email as it contains important information to help you with your course.

Course Sequence:
Within your program orientation and instructor’s introduction letter is the order that you should complete your courses in. Please note that your account will list your courses in alphabetical order which is not the order they should be completed in. Please be sure and follow the sequence given to you in the orientation or instructor letter.

Program Materials and Textbooks:
Some programs may include printed materials such as textbooks or software. If such materials are included with your program, they will be shipped to you 3 business days after your start date. Materials may be shipped via UPS, FedEx or the U.S. Postal Service and will be sent Ground service or a comparable method. Delivery is generally estimated at 10-14 business days after enrollment but may be delayed by weather or other emergent conditions beyond our control. APO/FPO/International or P.O. Box addresses may experience a delay in delivery times.

If your shipment is incomplete, lost or damaged during transit please notify us within 3 months of your start date in order to receive a replacement free of charge. After the 3 month period has elapsed, you must make arrangements to obtain the required texts at your cost and through alternate retailers. Items that cannot be purchased through alternate retailers may be purchased directly from us. Any materials fees must be paid for up front and in full and may not be added to an existing payment plan.

Contact Information Updates:
Email is the primary method of communication for students and we request that you do not change your email while enrolled in your program. If a change is necessary please contact us as soon as possible so that we can update our records. Failure to do so may result in notifications and communications not being delivered in a timely manner.

If you move or change your phone number, get married or change your name or have any other changes to your profile or contact information please let us know as soon as possible and we will update your student record.

Please note: students can change their information within the classroom but that does NOT update your student record. Please contact us to do so.

Grading Policies:
You will need to follow all course and instructor directions for course module completion and testing. At the conclusion of a course, you will have a final exam. The exam may consist of multiple parts and the overall grade shall be determined by an aggregate average of any and all sections of each course and/ or element. The final grade is based on a minimum passing percentage which may vary by course, but in most cases will be 70%. The grading details for your specific course(s) will be included in your instructors’ introduction letter and syllabi.

Attendance and Extensions:
You are not required to attend class at scheduled dates or times. Your class is available to you for the full enrollment period and you may access it 24/7 during that period. After your end date has passed, you will lose access to your program unless you request an extension. Extensions are available to all students but please be aware fees may apply. You can review your school catalog or contact us for extension options. If you are unable to work on your program and need to place your program on hold/leave of absence please contact us for assistance with your options.

Conduct Policies:
You are required to follow school policies while attending your program and misconduct will not be tolerated. It is each student’s responsibility to conduct him or herself in a proper and respectable manner while enrolled in school. Please review the school catalog to ensure that your conduct meets our requirements.

Completing the Program:
When you have completed all of the courses in your program, please email your instructor(s) to let them know. They will review your transcript and submit your final grade to the Registrar for your Certificate of Completion to be processed. Your certificate will be mailed from the school you registered through and usually takes 4-6 weeks for delivery (PO Box/international/military addresses may be delayed).

Please note: certificates are not processed for students with outstanding balances on their account. Replacement certificates are available but fees may apply. If you chose to participate in the Career Services program, your counselor will contact you for assistance with additional resources available to you upon completion.

Official Transcripts:
Official transcripts may be requested by contacting our Student Support department.

If the transcript request will be conducted by an institution or school to where you’re applying to, a signed transcript request form should be submitted to Student Support department.

Please note that fees may apply and an official transcript does not guarantee that programs will transfer for credit to other institutions.

You may be able to transfer from one program to another if you no longer wish to complete your current program. Fees may apply for any transfer and eligibility requirements must be met. Please view your school catalog to see the specific requirements and contact the Student Support department for transfer options.

If you are no longer able to complete your program please contact our Student Support department for assistance. Your school catalog contains detailed information regarding the withdrawal/cancellation process and any available refund options.