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Medical Skills Cross Training

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What is Medical Cross Training?

Before we answer that, lets look at cross training in general — what does it mean? As the term implies, cross training is simply the acquisition of skills which are all related to the same industry or type of work. The medical industry is perhaps one of the finest examples of cross training. So to answer the question, consider that to become a physician or a nurse, requires a basic understanding of medical terminology and human anatomy. Likewise, to become a medical transcriptionist, terminology and anatomy are prerequisites, and medical terminology is also a necessity for a medical coder. While each of these professionals will need to aquire specialized knowledge and skills, they all require the same foundation of basic medical knowledge.

If you are planning a career in virtually any medical field, medical terminology is a prerequisite. A medical transcriptionist will also benefit from cross training in medical coding, and a medical coder will also benefit from cross training in medical billing. Each skill alone, represents a vital part of any medical practice operation and management, but those with the skills to wear many hats are known as “high valued employees” because of their ability to merge and accomplish related tasks. And by the way, that higher value generally translates into greater income potential, as well as a higher level of job satisfaction. Cross training increases your knowledge and skills and thereby increases your marketability to potential employers.

Medical Coding and Medical Billing go virtually hand-in-hand within the doctor’s office, and many medical transcriptionists soon discover that cross-training in medical coding almost immediately increases their bottom line (paycheck). The medical transcriptionist who also understands coding, can process the doctor’s medical reports, and apply the necessary ICD (diagnostic) and CPT (procedure) codes which will be required by the billing department. Likewise, a medical coder, who is also trained in medical billing and health insurance claims processing, gains a better understanding of how payers process charges, the types of supportive documentation which are likely to be needed for any given claim, and also understands how to reduce the number of claims denied or pended based on the use of certain codes. And a medical billing specialist benefits enormously from an understanding of medical terminology and coding, because these skills allow for better communication with insurance carriers (payers) and professional review boards.

The differences between training exclusively to become a specialist in medical transcription vs. medical coding vs. medical billing, as opposed to cross training in each of these skills, is similar to the differences between being a framing carpenter or dry wall hanger as opposed to being a general construction contractor. The more skills you have within your chosen field, the easier it becomes for you to understand and work within the overall environment. And in most cases, the easier it becomes for you to find work. If you can walk into an interview with a doctor or hospital that is looking to hire a medical transcriptionist, and you are only trained as a medical coder you’re not likely to be hired. However, if you are a trained professional transcriptionist AND a trained medical coder, you are more likely to get the job, than the prospective applicant who is only trained as a medical transcriptionist.

Meditec has been in the Medical Billing, Coding, and Transcription business since 1969, and was one of the very first companies in the United States to begin offering it’s medical office training courses via the Internet. Meditec has cross trained professional transcriptionists in coding and cross trained professional coders in medical billing and health insurance claims processing. Meditec has direct hands-on experience in providing complete medical office practice management outsourcing; from single physician offices, to large metropolitan hospital emergency rooms, so we know how to cross train students. Our cross training courses prepare our students for the real-world of practice managment, in a seamless and practical manner.

Unlike becoming a doctor or lawyer, becoming a medical office specialist does not require an advanced college degree, nor does it require an enormous investment of capital to get started in practice. Meditec has more than 35 years of experience in the medical transcription, coding, and billing business — we know how to train you, and we know how to help you achieve your goals.

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