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Top Schools in the US that Offer MyCAA-Financed Programs: Spotlight on Meditec

Submitted by Meditec on Wed, 08/21/2013 - 13:35
Top Schools in the US that Offer MyCAA

Meditec is one of the premier MyCAA schools in the United States where you can take advantage of your military spouse benefits. But what’s so special about Meditec? What is it about Meditec and its MyCAA that makes it a frequent topic among industry experts, training providers, and students? On the surface, MyCAA provides individuals the chance to enroll in their preferred course as long as MyCAA covers the course. However, MyCAA benefits go beyond getting educational financing and being able to enroll in free courses. For example, MyCAA allows military spouses to save funds on studying a completely new field, and allot those said funds into finding a job after getting their certification or buying supplies they may need for their new work. MyCAA also allows military spouses to buy time as they figure out the career path they really want to pursue. Meditec has partnered up with the US Department of Defense to provide military spouses the chance to train for another area of study and ease themselves into a portable career. In case it’s your first time to drop by our website, here’s a quick background on Meditec: Meditec was established in 1969. Back then, the company served as a medical transcription company service provider for hospitals and physicians. Flash forward to the 90s, Meditec took its business operations online to cater online training to students. From its host of allied healthcare course offerings, Meditec’s course catalog has evolved to accommodate legal, real estate, business and technology programs. Meditec’s subject-matter experts have decades of experience in the field. They are seasoned professionals in their own niches, and have designed the courses based on local and global industry trends and educational requirements. Meditec’s programs are wide-ranging as well. While the company specializes on medical billing and coding, medical transcription and other allied health care training courses, you can also expect to get top-notch, state-approved training for real estate, accounting, paralegal and IT certification training from it. Should you have chosen a medical transcription program, you’ll have the privilege to join Meditec’s exclusive Jumpstart internship program, which allows you to train with companies and get hired right after your internship. Find out if you’re eligible for the MyCAA program by filling up the form on Register for a MyCAA and once your application gets approved, our representatives will contact you to walk you through the enrollment process. You may also visit our page on MyCAA for further information.