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Top 5 Fitness Trends Every Personal Trainer Should Know

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 10/27/2014 - 12:35
Top 5 Fitness Trends Every Personal Trainer Should Know

Incorporating the hottest new fitness trends into your personal training bag of tricks will not only give you a competitive edge but will also add freshness and variety to your client’s workout programs. The five fitness trends below have created buzz with gym goers and also proved to be an effective means for meeting a variety of fitness goals.

  1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)-Interval training alternates short burst of maximum effort activity with brief rest periods. This workout torches calories, builds strength and endurance and can be completed fast, usually within 30 minutes. Due to the extreme demands on the cardiovascular and muscular system, HIIT is most appropriate for those who have been working out for a while and have a solid fitness foundation.
  2. Yoga-Instructing yoga requires specific training and certification. However, as a personal trainer you can add simple yoga movements to the end of a session, helping clients build flexibility and core strength.
  3. Body Weight Exercises-This type of exercise is appropriate for most all clients, can be done in the gym, outside or a client’s home. It requires minimal space and no equipment. Adding body weight exercises to your client’s plan will help them burn fat, build muscle and improve flexibility.
  4. Online Training-Creating an online offering is a great way to build a client base and encourage loyalty. This can be as simple as uploading sample workouts to YouTube or, for more impact, creating a website offering workouts via blog posts as well as video.
  5. Small group or ‘buddy’ training-There is a growing trend toward those wanting to work out with a friend or spouse. Fortunately, this trend is easy to accommodate as a personal trainer and requires nothing more than determining pricing and compatible workout plans.

Staying ahead of the curve regarding fitness trends will help you plan your continuing education training. You may choose to attend an approved class, workshop, retreat or webinar where you will learn the specifics about a new training approach. This will have you prepared to add new and interesting workout techniques to your client’s plans. Your clients will look forward to workouts that are fun, challenging, and energizing and most importantly they will be encouraged to stick with you for the long-term.