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Is Personal Training The Right Career Choice For You?

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 08/18/2014 - 19:11
Is Personal Training The Right Career Choice For You

We often hear we should choose a career we feel passionate about, one we would pursue even if we were not paid. You may feel this way about a career as a Personal Trainer if you enjoy:

  • Keeping yourself fit and healthy
  • Working in an outdoor, gym or home setting
  • Staying current on the latest fitness and nutrition topics
  • Working one on one with others

Regardless if we love our work so much we’d do it for free, most of us depend on earning a living wage. Fortunately, a career in Personal Training can meet this need. The average Personal Trainer earns $39,182 a year and averages $30 per session according to research conducted by IDEA Health and Fitness ( As a trainer you may choose to work in a gym setting as an employee or choose to create your own business, contracting with gyms, teaching privately in client’s homes, online coaching or conducting outdoor workouts. The advantages of working as an employee include:

  • Clientele referred by the gym
  • Often includes health benefits
  • Only one work location
  • Little or no marketing expense
  • Equipment is supplied
  • Very little bookkeeping required

Some advantages of creating your own business:

  • You are your own boss!
  • Various channels (client’s homes, gyms, studios, outdoor) available for maximizing income
  • Freedom to offer specialized training (i.e. focus on training Triathletes or those recovering from injury)

Whether you choose to work as an employee or start your own business you will need to hold proper credentials through a certifying agency such as ACE or ACSM, obtain personal liability insurance, and maintain a current CPR certification. All reputable certifying bodies require continuing education hours. These can often be obtained through online classes, distance learning, conferences, workshops and classes. The future is bright for Personal Trainers as trends indicate solid growth in the industry ( But it also proves to be a competitive field. Maintaining a certification from a well respected certifying body, staying current on the most popular training trends, and adhering to a strong work ethic will help you stand out. Most importantly, if you are doing what you feel passionate about, you will no doubt be successful!