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Military Support Resources 101

Mitzi C. Graham April 13, 2015 Comments Off on Military Support Resources 101

Military Resources and Support at Your ReachThe military has been likened to a tight-knit community. There is a great deal of truth to this sentiment as the military community that takes care of its own. Though there are many ways this is evident, none is more obvious than the sheer plethora of military support resources that are available to military spouses and their families.

One for All and One for One

The resources in the military that are listed below are available at any military installation, regardless of the branch of the military the spouse is serving in. In fact, even if you don’t live near a military resource center, many of these military benefits can be accessed via the telephone or email. However, it is important to note that the military support resources that are offered could differ, depending on the military installation you contact.

Fleet and Family Support Center

Each branch of the military has their own version of a Fleet and Family Support Center. Within the Army, this military resource center is called the Army Community Service Center while Navy resources can be found by contacting the Navy Fleet and Family Support Center. The Air Force Family Community Service Center and the Marine Corps Community Service Center round out the four main branches of the military. Regardless of the name, they offer similar resources in the military.

Services for Relocating

When relocating from one military installation to the next, there are a number of military support resources that are available. Information that is interesting and applicable to the individual family is provided to help ease their transition into their new community. If relocation means transferring to a foreign base, information about the various military installations around the world can be found on the web. Basic necessities can be stored in the loan lockers that are provided by relocation services.

Career and Education Resource Center

If you are looking for career and/or vocational development, the career resource center is a good your first stop. In addition to information about educational programs and employment opportunities available locally, this center also offers testing, individual counseling, seminars and classes aimed at helping you find the right type of job you envision.

Furthering your education is a fantastic method of setting yourself up for the best career opportunities as well as opening your mind to the wealth of knowledge that is available. There are numerous educational resources that are available to help military spouses find the right college, university or other educational facility. Additional resources include testing, financial resources and educational counseling.

Special Needs Programs

Having a special needs child in your family brings its own joys and trials. The military resource center can be a valuable venue of information about services that can help you cope. Information about medically focused resources as well as community programs that target special needs populations can be obtained from a military resource center near you.

Additional Information and Personalized Referrals

If you know you need military benefits but are not sure how to obtain them, your best course of action is to contact your local military resource center. By outlining what your needs are and what you hope to accomplish, you can obtain the military support resources and information you need to move onto the next step.



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