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Why Choose Meditec for Your Career Training?

Submitted by Meditec on Thu, 12/10/2020 - 01:19

Choosing the right school for career training is tough – there are so many to choose from and they all make big promises. The first thing you want to ask about a school is its track record and reputation. Meditec has been a trusted name in distance career training for over 50 years, with more than half of those online. In fact, we were the first company on the internet to offer online medical transcriptionist training. We've been adding new career paths ever since, branching beyond the healthcare field into business, IT, and beyond. We know history only counts for so much. The better question is, what can we do for you right now? Below, you'll find the top 5 reasons to choose Meditec for your career training needs.

Reason #1: It's Smarter than College

Meditec training programs are built to give you practical career skills and knowledge. They're designed to get you career-ready as quickly and affordably as possible. Compare this to college, where roughly a third of your credit-hours are general education. For students over 24, the median graduation time for a bachelor's is more than 6 years. In that time, the whole job market can change while you're in school. It's also expensive. On average, students borrow over $30,000 to earn a bachelor's degree from a public university. And after all that, employers typically don't see a four-year degree as a sign that you have the hard skills that they're looking for. That's why 41% of recent college grads have a job that didn't require college. Meditec career training focuses on helping you earn a widely-respected national certification that will make you competitive in the job market. Generally speaking, our programs can be completed in 3 to 12 months. You don't waste time in general education courses or other prerequisites. You learn what you need to know so you can get to work. And it's a fraction of the cost. In fact…

Reason #2: You Can Pay with MyCAA

Are you a military spouse? All of our programs eligible for tuition assistance from the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA). Only certain schools are qualified for these funds. Actually, we're not just eligible. Meditec career programs are designed to ensure that the MyCAA scholarship can cover the entire cost of your training. You won't have to pay out of pocket at all! MyCAA was created by the DOD to encourage military spouses to enter "portable" careers – jobs that fit your military lifestyle. This means that every career preparation program in our catalog should be able to withstand your next PCS. And the next one, and the next one, and the one after that.

Reason #3: No Out-of-Pocket Costs

As we've explained in the past, MyCAA only pays for tuition. If you enroll in a different school, this might mean paying for books, fees, or a laptop upgrade out of pocket. At Meditec, we want to make sure you don't have to worry about hidden fees and unexpected costs on the way to your new career. That's why your Meditec tuition includes your:

  • Textbooks are expensive, but they shouldn't be. Yours are included. You'll have access to e-books right away, and physical textbooks are shipped to you within 3 days.
  • It's hard to take online courses without a reliable computer. That's why we provide a laptop when you sign up that you can keep at no extra cost.
  • Certification Exam (when applicable). If your Meditec training program is designed to prepare you for a national certification, we'll provide a voucher for one exam attempt. No need to worry about a separate exam fee.

Reason #4: Study Anytime, Anywhere, At Your Own Pace

All of our courses are online and self-paced. All you need is the internet and the laptop we provide. In other words, your training can go with you, even if you have to relocate mid-education. Meditec's training is deadline-free. MyCAA funding requires you to finish in 2 years or less, but individual assignments never have deadlines. Whether you're juggling another job, family obligations, or something else, you choose your study schedule to work with your current lifestyle. You're an adult. We leave those choices up to you. Self-pacing also means you can fly through the courses that come easily to you without having to wait for instructors or other students to catch up. On the flip-side, you can take your time understanding more challenging topics without being rushed.

Reason #5: Externships Available in Select Programs

What's an externship? It's like an internship, but shorter. It's an experiential learning opportunity to give you practical experience in your field of study. Our externships help you build hands-on experience. They look great on your resume and give you the chance to earn professional references. Some externships end with a job offer from the employer! Externships can be very valuable if taken seriously by both the extern and the site supervisor. Externships are optional. Not all study programs include an externship, and you can graduate from every program without one. Most often, you'll have the chance for an externship in medical programs where hands-on experience is irreplaceable.

Want More Reasons? We've Got Em.

Those are just the top five. Our helpful career counselors are happy to tell you more. Meditec offers over 70 different career options in 8 fields:

  • Health and Human Services
  • Business, Finance, and Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Skilled Trades
  • Hospitality
  • Animal Services
  • Education
  • Legal

Ready to learn more? Request a free career guide or reach out to us by phone or chat to start working towards your new career today!