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How to be successful in medical transcription

Submitted by Meditec on Fri, 11/01/2013 - 06:41
How to be successful in medical transcription

Same as to any other field out there, without hard work, determination and perseverance; you wouldn’t get much with your career. In whatever kind of industry, high paying jobs or not so much in terms of benefits, if you take it for granted, it will not give you good returns. In medical transcription field (both work from home and office MTs), to be successful, you should have the above traits and the following tips that will help you reach your goals better. The right resources

  • Hardware – if your machine performs poorly and very slowly, you probably would have the same performance. Make sure that you have the hardware that can perform in high speed so it wouldn’t be the cause of your delays.
  • Software – be sure to have the right tools for your job. If you are a mechanic you probably wouldn’t need a medical scalpel because it wouldn’t help you. Make use of the internet to get you the affordable tools to help with your budget. You will need a good reference library which you might find in Amazon or eBay.
  • A good working environment – Especially if you are working from home. Be sure to set up a working space wherein you can get the least distraction and be sure to set everything ergonomically so your health wouldn’t suffer.
  • A good network – stay in touch with fellow medical transcriptionists via social media, blogs or forums. This way you can be updated with all of the updates in the field and even get great and sometimes free resources from your network. Meditec is one of the good sites to follow as they provide resources, news and they even have a blog that you can read about the industry.

The right plan

  • Goals – be sure to set up your goal on the daily basis. This can help you measure your performance and your improvement day to day.
  • Schedule – try to stick to a schedule especially if you are working from home. Be sure that your time management covers everything you need to cover not just your work but including factors from home (such as sending and picking up the kids from school). This will help you have a not so complicated day.
  • Planning – always have a plan so you can work your schedule. This will work specially if there are special occasions ahead such as children parties. You can communicate with clients or your boss earlier and maybe arrange some plans on how you can compensate on hours you might miss because of the party.

Stay professional

  • Attitude – although you may be working from, not wearing any office attire and not meeting with clients personally, this does not mean that you should stay casual with your work. Always be responsible with your work, be dependable with your tasks and be a trust worthy employee especially when the clients can’t monitor you physically.
  • Balance – be sure to keep your professional and personal life balanced. Know your priorities and manage your day to day activities well. Of course, be sure to keep your body healthy – exercise and eat healthy.
  • Adapt to changes – working in the medical transcription field requires you to continuously expand your skills and knowledge as there are updates in the field from time to time – includes technology, terms and even ways of working.

After days and nights of working hard, don’t ever forget to have time for your family or for yourself. Every once in a while treat yourself and/or your family with the rewards you get from the industry to help you enjoy and be relaxed.