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Top Jobs Requiring Social Media Marketing Skills

Deltina Hay July 8, 2014 Comments Off on Top Jobs Requiring Social Media Marketing Skills

Social media marketing topped the list of the most sought after skills by employers in 2013 according to LinkedIn’s annual study. But who are these employers? And what types of jobs are they listing?

In other words, aside from obvious jobs such as Social Media Specialist, Social Media Marketing Director, and Social Media Assistant, which jobs require social media skills? Better yet, which TOP jobs require social media skills?


Top Jobs That Require Social Media Skills

Every year, U. S. News publishes a “100 Best Jobs” list based on estimated growth from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other factors including good salary, manageable work-life balance and job security.

Though social media can be used in just about any job or industry, of the 100 that made the U.S. News cut, 15 stand out as jobs that almost certainly require social media marketing skills. Here they are in the order they are ranked in the 100 Best Jobs list.

#9 Web DeveloperTop and Tough Jobs in Social Media

Social media skills and web development go hand-in-hand. Web developers need to know how to integrate social media tools with websites, and how to make content easy for visitors to share on social media sites.

#15 Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts study consumer behavior and habits to determine the best way to brand and sell products. And social media sites offer a treasure trove of consumer behavior!

#24 IT Manager

IT managers do much more than manage servers and networks anymore. They need to know about social media, cloud computing, mobile device computing, and whatever else is on the horizon for potential IT management.

#44 Marketing Manager

This one is a given. Marketing and social media have become enmeshed to a point where it is difficult to imagine one without the other. Marketing jobs demand social media marketing skills probably more than any other industry.

#53 Meeting, Event, and Conventions Planner

Event planners use social media tools for many things, including networking with clients and vendors; researching potential venues and cities; and getting the word out to participants.

#62 Insurance Agent

The insurance industry relies on word-of-mouth marketing and lead generation – and social media offers many opportunities in these areas. However, insurance is a regulated industry, so agents should be aware of relevant restrictions.

#71 HR Specialist

Many HR specialists also fill in as job recruiters. And there is no better place to find qualified talent than a social media job-search tool like LinkedIn.

#73 Sales Manager

Sales is another area where social media skills are a given. You will be hard pressed to find any industry that doesn’t rely heavily on social media marketing to drive sales.

#78 Computer Support Specialist

Not only is social media practically built in to most Internet browsers – hence into the computer itself – nowadays, but social media tools are a great way to offer help desk and other types of customer service.

#79 Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant jobs come in many different flavors, depending on the size of the organization. Administrative assistants often have public relations, marketing, and even sales duties – all of which require social media marketing skills.

#80 Sales Representative

Sales representatives sell to businesses and organizations rather than directly to consumers. They use social media to build networks, foster relationships, and generate leads.

#85 Public Relations Specialist

Public relations – like marketing – is almost synonymous with social media. Public relations professionals were some of the first to foresee the impact social media would have on their industry – which is why many of the early books on social media are about public relations.

#89 Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing, network building, and location-based marketing. And social media marketing is a great way to do all three.

#93 Customer Service Representative

The customer service industry has really embraced social media. Many departments have reduced customer service requests by large percentages by relying on social media to provide support and establish user-generated knowledge bases.

#95 Office Clerk

Like administrative assistants, office clerks can take on many roles within an organization – including sales, marketing, and customer service. Many offices also utilize social media tools for scheduling, office communications, and project management.

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