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What Does AHDI Membership Do For Me?

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 10/20/2014 - 14:49
What Does AHDI Membership Do For M

Professional associations exist for a number of reasons. For AHDI, or Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity, their main mission is to capture America's healthcare story accurately. AHDI has been around for decades and has published some of the most trusted materials a medical transcriptionist (MT) or medical transcription editor (MTE) can ever use. Being employed as an MT in today's ever-changing medical world, there is a tremendous need for accurate and concise references as well as information on many levels. Medical transcriptionists need to know how to uphold confidentiality, how to go about setting up their own business, or how to get credentials in order to get a better job. AHDI membership offers all those benefits and more. You can gear your membership to whatever career level you happen to be at—whether it's a student membership through AHDI, a professional membership for the RHDS (registered healthcare documentation specialist) or the CHDS (certified healthcare documentation specialist) and even for a professional or a business membership. They offer lots of great services to their members such as having payment plans for those who cannot afford to pay in full. They also offer an assortment of continuing educational credits (CECs), necessary for the RHDS seeking to advance to a CHDS credential. By becoming a member of AHDI, you can attend webinars (some free, some for a reasonable fee), have access to online chat groups and networking opportunities, purchase Benchmark subscriptions and resources at reduced rates, and have access to their online libraries and transcription publications (many of which contain valuable information about industry trends and offer CECs). As a medical transcriptionist, there is no better organization to be a part of than AHDI. You will have your finger on the pulse of the trends in transcription as well as be up to date and informed on new standards and technology being introduced into the profession. You will find that becoming involved, even as a student member has many advantages. You can get access to valuable discounted resources and a chance to submit an essay for the Rising Star Award that is given out once per year to one lucky student! AHDI is one of the most dynamic professional associations you can join because they write the curriculum as well as the exams that students and practitioners have to take and pass in order to obtain the RHDS or CHDS credential. There are study materials available to help you pass the exam. Everyone within the profession is encouraged to pursue those credentials as they mean better pay and more credibility to those who pass. The most vital part of AHDI's mission is to preserve America's healthcare story one patient at a time. Becoming involved as a medical transcriptionist at any level will further your career and give you a broader base on which to build your own individual professional goals. There is much to be gained from an AHDI membership at any level. You will get to know your peers and have access to information about live events and conferences, hear what changes are coming down the medical pipeline, and be prepared to go into the future armed with the skills you need to be a success! Visit AHDI's website to learn more about membership today!