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How to avoid work from home scams

Submitted by Meditec on Tue, 10/29/2013 - 19:36
How to avoid work from home scams

The advancement we have in information technology allowed us access to a lot of opportunities with more ease and comfort such as access to information (certain data are private or secured by certain policies of course such as personal information), shopping online, wider choices of communication and so much more. This also includes the option to work from home with the use of a computer with an internet connection. A lot of people are taking advantage of technology to be able to work from home (both employers and employees). Sadly, there are also people out there who are really out to take advantage of a lot of people through scams. If you are one of those people who need to earn money from home, be very careful in reviewing job offers and postings so you won’t be cheated with your money.

  • Do a little research – having access to the internet allows you to get data faster and easier – you just need to know what to search for
    • Company profile – check the company profile to see if they really exist and that they have actual listings of their business in a certain location. Check if they are “certified” or “approved” by specific regulatory board (may have to vary depending on the industry).
    • Company reviews or references – you can easily find reviews coming from current to past employees and/or clients through blogs and forums.
    • Product/Service/Market information – take the time to see if the product or service they offer is something that really exists (if there are other companies offering them) and if it is a new product, try to see if there really is a market for it (and that you can actually access and target that market – if not, you probably won’t be able to sell anything)
  • Quick rich or big profit scams – if a company offers you a quick rich scheme, you might want to think twice. Working from home or even starting a business from home is the same as working in an office or opening a business elsewhere – meaning you’d have to invest time, hard work and not just money.
  • Don’t send people money – unless you choose to pay for training by a “certified” or “approved” provider (not one being offered by the same company who might have offered you the job – training course or kit), don’t send any employer any money. Legitimate companies and businesses don’t ask for money to hire people.
  • Personal requirements – you should ask a lawyer or call in a regulatory board if you are not sure about certain jobs as specific fields requires a license or certification before you can work. Working without the proper requirements may even get you in trouble.
  • Read the information and think twice – if you are not sure about certain offers that you receive, you should go back to the information given to you and think twice. if after your research and you didn’t find anything suspicious but you are still not comfortable or at ease of accepting it, then take the time to ask people.

If you are not sure about certain industries where in you can earn money from home, you can take advantage of Meditec’s free career guide to give you detailed information about certain fields. (click here for the guide) Don’t get fooled easily by scam artists by following the above tips. There are indeed legitimate work from home jobs out there so take your time in double checking the opportunities or scam that might come knocking on your door.