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  1. Myth 1 I have no education. How can I get a job with no education? – There are lots of resources out there to help military spouses with no education. Some schools, such as Meditec offer combination programs where you can finish your high school diploma and still further your education.
  2. Myth 2 There is no money out there for spouses to use aside from the GI Bill – and I can’t even access that right now. – If your spouse is an E1-E5/O1-O2 you might qualify for the MyCAA Military Spouse grant. In as little as 3-12 months, you could have a certificate in a whole new field and be out working!
  3. Myth 3 I have no idea what industries employers are looking for as far as job qualifications and backgrounds. – No problem. If you find the right school, like Meditec who offers only programs where those jobs are in-demand, that alone can help kick start you in the right direction.
  4. Myth 4 So I have an education but no practical job experience. How can I apply for jobs? – MilitaryOneSource is a great resource to use for help with finding jobs. Also, schools such as Meditec have a Career Services department to help their current students with things like:
    • – Resume Building
    • – Interviewing Skills
    • – Job Searching
  5. Myth 5 There are no companies that will hire me because I am a military spouse and could PCS at any moment. Are you sure people will hire me? – Yes! There are companies out there like Walmart and the Federal Government that advertise that they are specifically looking for military spouses. Aside from them, companies all over have contract or part-time positions available that you can take advantage of

Let Meditec assist you in finding a rewarding portable career. Learn how can help you with MyCAA Application, Career Support and more…

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Why Meditec?
Meditec is a MyCAA-approved, online school. With Meditec you can train anywhere you have an internet connection, and our affordable tuition is completely covered by MyCAA funds—which means you can train with no out-of-pocket expenses! You can choose from any of the Portable Online Careers from Meditec and be career ready in just a few months.

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  • Accepts Federal & State Funding & Grants
  • Industry-Standard Codebooks are Included

Top Programs

MyCAA-Approved, Online Programs:

  • 1. Clinical Medical Assistant
  • 2. Business Administration
  • 3. Paralegal / Legal Assistant
  • 4. Medical Office Management / Transcription
  • 5. More…

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  • Well, I just signed and forwarded a real contract, and I begin transcription work on Monday. I can’t believe that I just completed the course a little over two weeks ago and I’m already hired! I had to pass their transcription test with at least 98% accuracy in order to be considered. Obviously, I was prepared — thanks to you.

    I wanted to say thank you very much for the patience, the encouragement and all of the help. Everyone at Meditec is wonderful and I am singing your praises!

    -Susan R

PLEASE NOTE: The MyCAA program is open to all eligible spouses under the new program guidelines below:
  • Spouse of an active duty Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine service member, or activated Reserve member in pay grades E1-E5,
    W1-W2, or O1-O2
  • If the spouse of National Guard and/or AGR member, the sponsor must be on federal Title 10 active duty orders as reported in
  • Spouses of Guard/Reserve members in an Alert, Transition Assistance, or Post Deployment status are not eligible
  • Spouses must finish their program of study within three years from the start date of the first course
  • Funding is limited to only Associate’s degrees, certificates and licensure programs
  • Please allow for 15 days for approval of all financial assistance documents