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How do I apply for a Certificate of Eligibility?

If you want to use your educational benefits, submit the necessary documents and application forms to the Veterans Administration (VA). The VA will process the claim to determine your eligibility. Once you have been determined eligible, you will receive a notification called the "Certificate of Eligibility" from the VA.

What is the education application process?

There are different application procedures for first-time users and previous users of education benefits. You can also identify your status and complete your education application online.

How do I get an enrollment certification?

Once determined eligible by the VA, you need to complete the registration of classes and visit your school's veteran benefits office. They will check your registration and certify your enrollment to the VA for processing and payment.

What is a Satisfactory Academic Progress?

The Satisfactory Academic Progress is a set of standards that defines successful completion of coursework. To maintain eligibility for financial aid, the academic performance of students who receive veteran education benefits must meet standards approved by the Texas Workforce Commission and accepted by the VA. If recipients of veteran education benefits fail to make satisfactory progress toward their educational goals, Title 38, United States Code, Sections 1674 and 1724 require education assistance to discontinue.

What is a Military Tuition Assistance?

The armed forces support the educational goals of soldiers, sailors, marines, guardsmen, and airmen with tuition assistance programs. This benefit covers up to 100% of the tuition expenses of eligible military members in pursuit of off-duty college education, vocational training, and certificate courses.

The Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and the Coast Guard have their own policies for eligibility and application. Contact your specific military service branch for more information.

What does the MyCAA program pay for?

The MyCAA funding covers tuition expenses for education, training courses, and examinations which lead to an Associate's Degree (except Associate's Degrees in General Studies, Liberal Arts, and Interdisciplinary Studies that do not have a concentration); licenses, certificates, or certifications at accredited colleges, universities, technical schools in the United States or approved testing organizations that increase employment or portable career opportunities for military spouses.


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