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Student Referral Program

Refer your friends to Meditec – Great Training for them and some Bonus $$$ for you!

How would you like to help a friend and earn $200 in the process? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3….

  1. Contact your friends and discuss the great certificate training opportunities we offer through Meditec and ask them if they would be interested in learning more.
  2. Gather their contact information – we will need their full name, street address, phone number and email address, along with the information about the training course they are interested in taking.
  3. Complete the referral form below and submit. It’s just that easy…

Terms & Conditions: The new student’s enrollment start date must occur within 90 days of the referral date** or no bonus will be awarded. Bonus checks are issued 4-6 weeks after the new enrollment start date.

All form fields are required. If you do not have all of the required data at this time, please obtain that information before attempting to submit this form – incomplete forms will be rejected*


* You must provide complete and accurate data which allows our enrollment advisors to contact both you and the referred student, by mail, by phone and by email. If the information submitted is determined to be fraudulent, incomplete or inaccurate, you will not earn your referral bonus.

** If the new student is not able to complete the enrollment within 90 days, but they feel they may be able to do so at a later date, just keep in touch with them and make sure they let you know when they’re ready, so that you can come back and complete a referral form at that time.