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Guide to Medical Words, Terminologies and More

Medical terms and words are needed by students in order to build, complete and update their medical-related studies.

The words used to learn medical terminology are often built on a prefix, root and suffix model derived from Greek or Latin.

Prefix – is placed at the beginning of the word to modify or change the meaning in order to give additional information. Example: peri (Greek περί peri, around)

Root – the central part of the word which contains its meaning. Example: card (refers to the heart)

Suffix – added to the end of the word to signify a condition, disease, process or procedure. Example: itis (inflammation)

All the examples together combined forms the word pericarditis which means an inflammation of the area surrounding the heart. Meditec provides a comprehensive compilation of medical terminology and more as a learning tool and reference necessary for constructing and sustaining medical vocabularies. Designed specifically for our students in mind, our medical terminology list and other helpful subjects are on the following:

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