Physical Therapy Aide with Office Manager

Physical Therapy Aide with Office Manager

Meditec's Physical Therapy Aide program will prepare you for a position as a PT aide in a healthcare facility and give you a competitive edge with additional office management training. Begin today.

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Physical Therapy Aide with Office Manager

In this online program, you will master all the skills you need to begin a career as a physical therapy aide. You will learn what physical therapy entails, identify the responsibilities of a PT aide, and develop a working knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology. In addition, you will get a solid grounding in patient care skills, infection control, and the legal and ethical regulations that affect healthcare providers. By the end of the program, you will be fully prepared to obtain an entry-level position as a PT aide in a healthcare facility.

This program also includes training in management and leadership, key office applications, and business competencies to give you a competitive edge in the healthcare office.


Upon successful completion of the Physical Therapy Aide program, you will:

  • Have a fundamental understanding of the practice of physical therapy and the differences between PTs, PTAs, and PT aides.
  • Be familiar with the organization of the human body and important anatomical terminology.
  • Understand the basics of pathology, vital signs, and principles of treatment.
  • Be knowledgeable about the history of infection control, specific types of pathogens, transmission of infection, the disease process, and how to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Be able to identify the causes, risk factors, staging, treatment, and prevention of pressure ulcers.
  • Understand the anatomy of the spine, proper posture, and correct body mechanics.
  • Know how to transfer patients safely in a variety of settings.
  • Understand the features and functions of wheelchairs.
  • Appreciate the complexity of a normal gait pattern and how different types of disorders affect gait.
  • Know the basics about ambulation aids.
  • Be prepared to assist patients with ambulation-related activities.
  • Be familiar with the correct way to position and drape patients.
  • Have a basic understanding of the anatomy of the body’s muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems.
  • Understand principles of treatment of the muscular and skeletal systems.
  • Understand principles of treatment of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems.
  • Be familiar with the rest of the body’s organ systems.
  • Know how to communicate effectively in a physical therapy setting.
  • Be aware of the legal and ethical issues that affect PT aides.
  • Be prepared to begin your search for employment as a PT aide.
  • You will also be competent in valuable healthcare office management skills.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Physical Therapy
  • Module 2: Organization of the Human Body
  • Module 3: Basics of Pathology
  • Module 4: Infection Control
  • Module 5: Pressure Ulcers
  • Module 6: Preventing Injuries
  • Module 7: Transferring Patients Safely
  • Module 8: Use of Wheelchairs
  • Module 9: Gait
  • Module 10: Ambulation Aides
  • Module 11: Ambulation Activities
  • Module 12: Draping and Positioning of Patients
  • Module 13: Muscular System
  • Module 14: Skeletal System
  • Module 15: Exercise for the Treatment of the Muscular and Skeletal Systems
  • Module 16: Physical Modalities for the Treatment of the Muscular and Skeletal Systems
  • Module 17: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
  • Module 18: Nervous System
  • Module 19: Treatment of the Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Nervous Systems
  • Module 20: The Rest of the Organ Systems
  • Module 21: Communication in the Physical Therapy Facility
  • Module 22: Legal and Ethical Issues for the Physical Therapy Aide

Office Management

  • Module 1: Management Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Marketing and Sales
  • Module 3: Business Financial Management
  • Module 4: Business in the Electronic Age
  • Module 5: Business Presentation Skills
  • Module 6: Business Correspondence Level 1
  • Module 7: Human Resource Management
  • Module 8: Office Procedures Level 1
  • Module 9: Office Procedures Level 2
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Physical Therapy Aide with Office Manager

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