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Pastry Arts

A pastry arts career is a good fit for those who are good with numbers, interested in baking and comfortable with strict deadlines.

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Why Pastry Arts?

A pastry arts career is a good fit for those who are good with numbers, interested in baking and comfortable with strict deadlines. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for a baker was $23,450 a year in 2010. Bakers are employed by

  • Bakeries
  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants

As the nation’s population grows, people will continue to demand more baked goods to eat at home or to eat at grocery stores, bakeries, and restaurants. All bakers should have basic knowledge of arithmetic, especially fractions, to precisely mix formulas, weigh ingredients, or make adjustments to the mixes. They often consult with other workers, must closely watch their products for quality and design, and spend long periods on their feet, therefore, communications skills, an eye for detail, and stamina are traits valued in bakers Highly skilled, experienced bakers should have the best job opportunities because of the growing demand for specialty products that require years of baking experience.

Become a Patissier Online

With Meditec’s Pastry Arts program, you will develop the skills necessary to succeed in the Pastry Arts field. We consult with industry experts to ensure you learn everything needed to excel in your chosen path. Our online courses will teach you:

  • Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry
  • Breads and Patisserie
  • Classical and Modern Gateaux and Tortes
  • International and Contemporary Desserts

The program takes about <6> months to complete, assuming you study approximately 15 hours a week. Once you pass all your courses, you will receive a certificate of completion and be ready to begin your career in Pastry Arts.

Pastry Arts Course Topics

Topics Clock Hours
Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry 75 HRS
Breads and Patisserie 75 HRS
Classical and Modern Gateaux and Tortes 75 HRS
International and Contemporary Desserts 75 HRS

  Total 300 HRS

Program Description:

The curriculum at the Escoffier Baking and Pastry Academy provides an outstanding online baking and pastry experience that offers classical skills while incorporating contemporary baking and pastry trends from around the globe. The combination of classical and contemporary techniques provides an in-depth exploration of the source of ingredients and sustainable practices that are increasingly relevant for today’s baker or pastry chef.

Upon completion of this program learner will get a voucher for the Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam – ANSI-CFP

Program Course List and Course Descriptions:

Fundamentals of Bakery and Pastry:
This first course is designed to give you an understanding of basic concepts and skills that are key to your skills in the baking and pastry industry.

You will also become familiar with the types of equipment, smallwares, ingredients and staples used in the bake shop. Learning the basics of which equipment to use for the various processes; how to combine ingredients together to make the wide array of products; how to work safely and hygienically; and how to use the appropriate cookery techniques will help you not only within this program, but throughout your career as well.

Breads and Patisserie:
Yeast goods are the cornerstone of many bakery businesses. Breads and other types of yeast goods are made and consumed all around the world. They have been prepared for thousands of years, come in many types, can be sweet or savory and can be eaten as part of a meal at any time of the day.

Pastry and dough products are more modern but recipes are often steeped in history and are indicative of a specific culture or country. Many classical products such as pies, profiteroles and meringues have long been favorites in bake shops and on dessert menus across the globe.

In this course we will explore artisan breads and quick breads, products that range from a basic bread loaf to sourdough, panettone and other classics. We will discover the techniques and tricks involved in breadmaking – a deceptively simple process that requires skill and care.

We will also learn about sweet yeast products like Danish pastries and croissants.

Additionally we will learn the various dough types used in the bake shop. Puff pastry, éclair paste, phyllo dough and more will be covered.

Finally we will move on to the classical short dough – fundamental for many of the great classics.

Classical and Modern Gateaux and Tortes:
Gateaux and Tortes both mean the same thing – high quality, complex cakes. In this course we will start with the basics – batter-based cakes. Building on this foundation we will then explore Genoise and Sponge Cakes.

Learning these cake making techniques allows you to create almost any variety of cake product you desire – by mastering Genoise and Sponge you can create Black Forest Cake with its rich cream and cherry flavors; a the multi-layered chocolate masterpiece Gateau Opera; and the intricate Charlotte Royale made from Swiss roll and Bavarian cream.

To make your products even more impressive we will explore the art of decorating and presenting cakes and desserts. We will also look at creams, fillings and other preparations essential to making a top quality product. In this course you can let your creativity come to the fore.

International and Contemporary Desserts:
Desserts are the perfect finish to a meal, with the variety of interesting flavours and textures that can be created being almost limitless. The taste of sweets is enticing but when it is combined with eye appeal they become irresistible.

The art of presenting desserts involves some key techniques and is forever evolving. As desserts can be a major contributor to profit it is important to use as many tools as possible to get the customer to make this additional purchase.

Throughout this course we will explore the diverse range of desserts available. While some desserts are absolute classics, such as vanilla ice cream or Escoffier’s Peach Melba, there is a huge range of contemporary variations to consider.

Whether you are working with short dough, meringues, ice creams or chocolate, this course will be sure to excite the dessert lover in all of us!

Learn2Serve Food Safety Manager Principles:
The Learn2Serve Food Safety Manager Principles Course provides necessary training leading up to the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. This course covers food safety issues, regulations, and techniques to maintain a food-safe environment.

Program Classroom Link:

Program Shippable Materials:

  • #2 STAR TUBE
  • #4 STAR TUBE
  • #6 STAR TUBE

*Note: The standard shipping process usually requires 10-14 business days within the US. Weekends or holidays do not count. International/APO/ FPO/ PO Box address may experience delays. Please be aware that your materials will not be shipped until your start date.

Program System Requirements:

Operating System:

  • Windows XP SP2 or newer
  • Mac OSX or higher


  • Video card
  • Sound card
  • 512 MB RAM or greater of memory


Web Browser:

  • The most recent version of browsers: Google Chrome
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • Pop-ups must be enabled/allowed


  • Headphones or Speakers
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Instructor Bio

Susie Wolak

Chef Susie has over thirty years of pastry and baking experience, she brings substantial knowledge to the program. She had been Executive Pastry Chef for the famed Metropolitan Club in Chicago as well as for the Hilton Hotel in Northbrook, IL. Chef Susie also taught classic gateaux work and petit fours class at the college level as the lead pastry chef instructor at a local college. She received her education at the College of DuPage, Glen Ellen, Illinois, at the Chicago Sommelier School, and at the Alliance Française-French Culture and Language.

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