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Medical Transcription Online Course

Pricing and Enrollment

Our comprehensive program has been in place for over 40 years and has successfully helped hundreds of students start a career in medical transcription. It is the ONLY program which provides internship placements for up to 6 months to help launch your career. All students who score above 90% on the final exam are eligible to be placed in an internship.

We emphasize that practical experience is the best teacher, and 20 hours of dictation by men, women, foreign doctors, all styles and difficulties, is just about everything you will encounter in the work place. The answer keys are used to compare your work against the actual transcripts, one report at a time. Also included is the foot pedal you need to conduct transcriptions. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, transcription job opportunities are expected to be good in the coming years.

Medical Transcriptionists continue in high demand. More and more MTs now work at home. Medical record-keeping requires massive amounts of records, and the quality care issues continue to drive the record volume and the professional management requirements.

Earnings: MTs are usually paid on production (per line). When learning/production curve is complete, as much as $50 an hour or more. Meditec has and knows MTs earning $90,000 a year.

Meditec MT Training: The course offers you the most effective way to become a medical transcriptionist. Add the Jumpstart Program (internship) for the experience factor and when complete, get hired.

  • Complete online training for transcription certification (MT)
  • Fast track high tech medical terminology training
  • Hands-on interactive exercises from patient charts
  • Dictation practicum with actual physician dictation (no actors)
  • Internship – real jobs for student graduates – valuable 2 year experience factor
  • Waveplayer. (What is a Waveplayer?)

See detailed course syllabus.

Certification: Upon completion of the course, Certification Examination required.

Training Course Options (multiple options): The Medical Transcription course includes over 2000 minutes of dictation, plus a Surgical Compendium, the required hardware and software, everything you need to become fully trained and ready to work.

Detailed Answers: Please read the Medical Transcription FAQs and the Testimonials

Career Advancement with Cross Training: Consider adding Medical Coding, Medical Billing, or even Legal Transcription to your MT course.

Need Financing? We have lots of options, including payment plans as well as State and Federal Programs. Please call us at 877.335.4072 to discuss.

Whatever your budget, we have a way to get you started in your new Medical Transcription career!

Make the decision to change your life!
Pricing and Enrollment

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