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Medical Office Managers

Pricing and Enrollment

Medical Office Managers administrate healthcare provider functions in offices and hospitals, working with providers, managing support staff, assisting or providing human resource functions, developing and expediting policies/procedures and compliance plans. Must understand all provider operational functions from management to coding, billing, reimbursement, reporting and contract care. Need is increasing as governmental agencies increase the compliance complications.

Earnings: Salaries for medical office managers depending on education and experience, are in the range of $50,000 to $75,000. Those who establish consultant businesses often make more. Those who work in provider offices are salaried, with benefits.

Meditec Training
The MOM course provides the most effective way to become a Certified Medical Office Manager and adds the experience level for a new field: Compliance Planning. The course is provided in five modules:

  1. Medical Office Manager
  2. Medical Terminology
  3. Billing
  4. Coding
  5. Health Insurance Specialist
  • Training is self-paced- study anytime, anywhere
  • Fast track high tech medical office training
  • Medical coding overview and practice section
  • Hands-on interactive exercises with real patient encounters
  • Hundreds of practice questions to build knowledge and experience
  • Medical billing practice management software overview
  • View course syllabus

Time: Terminology 200 hours, MOM 450 hours

Upon completion of the course, Certification Examination required.

  • 85% or better = Certification

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Pricing and Enrollment

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