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November 2011 Medical Billing and Coding News

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Study Tips

Effective Study Techniques for Different Kinds of Learners

Good study techniques speed up learning and often help retention.

A good start for anyone learning anything new is to know what kind of learner he or she is. A sight learner learns better by reading while a sound learner learns easier by listening.

Study Tips for Sight Learners:

  • Use flashcards to help you remember lessons
  • Take down notes and write your ideas
  • Use diagrams, pictures or graphs

Study Tips for Sound Learners:

  • Read notes aloud
  • Make a tape recording of your notes
  • Involve a partner who can help you review and ask questions

Overall, you will find what makes the difference between an average grade and an excellent one is making the effort. Developing good study habits will help you succeed in any learning environment.

Technology and Health

Electronic Health Records—Key to Organized and Accessible Medical Info

As technology progresses, the need for instant access to medical records also increases. Access to medical information is necessary to ensure good patient care, which involves learning the medical history of the patient.

The technology relating to health records is moving along rapidly with millions of dollars allocated and spent to create useful electronic medical records. Efforts are continuing to determine what and how information will be retained and accessible. The government is deeply involved in promulgating and monitoring the progress, keeping in mind the tricky process of allowing information accessibility while maintaining privacy.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a technology powerful enough to unlock specific data from the electronic health records (EHRs). It serves nicely as a query tool. For example, if a patient is taking a specific medication, it would be possible for the user to find the prescription in question by using a pull down menu and selecting the drug, dosage, route of administration, and any potential drug interactions.

With the NLP, medical careers such as medical billing and coding training are sure to track an exciting new path. If done properly, information can be more reliable, eliminating the need for retrospective attempts to remember what happened in the actual medical interview.

With the advent of technology, the medical industry will be demanding more skilled and knowledgeable professionals to enter the medical field. Learn more about medical careers here.

Student Spotlight

I was really concerned that I would not be able to get a job as a newbie. I sent my resume out to all of the big hospitals first, and I was turned down for even an interview because of my lack of experience. So, I was a bit discouraged. However, I decided to try sending out a mass mailing as a means to advertise my service, and to my absolute amazement, the phone is ringing off the hook!

So, thank you for the great program you have put together. I know I am by no means as good as a seasoned MT, but I know with time and experience I will get there. I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that it really is true that you can work from home as an MT after taking your course.

With sincere thanks,
Maria L. W.