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Medical Coding Salary

Higher Salaries for Medical Coders

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Higher Salaries for Medical Coders

The American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) released its annual salary survey indicating that salaries of medical coders continue to grow.

Survey results show that the average wage in 2011 of a Certified Professional Coder is approximately $46,800, up from last year’s $1,400. More than half of the 12,000 respondents said that they receive salaries greater than $40,000.

The survey also revealed that medical coders tend to be more educated than the general US population. More than 88% of the respondents had at least some college, as opposed to only 55% of the general population that had some college, according to the US Census Data.

Unemployment rate among medical coders is also lower than the national average. US unemployment rate has fluctuated around 9% to 10% while coders are slightly less affected with an 8.7% unemployment rate.

In summary, the results of the AAPC 2011 Salary Survey reveal that salaries are climbing upward for coders, and coders who have invested in their education and professional development are reaping the greatest rewards. A growing demand for skilled coders in a tough economic and health reimbursement environment is a testament to the value these professionals bring to employers.

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Holiday Reflections

The Gift of Education

At the end of the year, we often reflect on what transpired in the past despite our many plans. It is true that the economy has not improved much, but we somehow managed to make things work out for the best. Remembering to take a moment and align our thoughts with positivity can help us overcome life’s storms. Reflecting is a good time to consider career opportunities and life goals.

If you are at a “dead end” in your current occupation, the first thing to think about is how you can change things. Education is a way to do that. We often hear that education is the best tool for creating wealth and happiness. Learning for a new career may help your long-term economic prospects and help you to obtain, keep, and maintain a business in the future.

Let’s explore your options. You can choose to further your education at a university, community college, or choose online opportunities. The investment is significant.

Consider the numbers. The average annual cost of attending a four-year private college is more than $30,000. For a four-year public college — or one supported by state tax revenues — the tab is over $12,000, on the average. Online education is a huge bargain at $1500 to $3000 for comparable training.

Online education is a great fit for those who:

  • Prefer to learn at home
  • Don’t like to waste time
  • Require flexibility in scheduling the time to learn
  • Are self-motivated and like to work alone
  • Don’t require hand-holding
  • Are excited about the option of doing things faster and more economically in educational pursuits
  • Need more affordable educational options

Online learning requires dedication and discipline. You have to want the knowledge, recognize the benefits that this new knowledge will bring to your life, and be willing to put forth the effort, without a teacher standing over your shoulder forcing you to do something. With the proper values and perspective, online education can lead to rewarding careers.

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