NASM Personal Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutrition Certificate Program

NASM Personal Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutrition Certificate Program

Meditec is excited to offer the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s (NASM) Certificates in Personal Fitness and Sports Nutrition and Performance. Learn more about this new course here!

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The Online National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certificate in Personal Fitness Training and Online Certificate in Sports Nutrition and Performance is a 100% online, college-level, interactive educational experience that includes input and guidance from outstanding faculty/instructors drawn from colleges/universities, the allied health/medical field, and the personal fitness training and nutrition profession. The program and specialized individual college-level courses and curriculum prepare students interested in advancing or developing a successful career as personal trainer/fitness professional and learning about sports nutrition and performance. In addition, the program prepares students through the curriculum content for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certification.

Approved CECs: The Certificate in Personal Fitness Training and Certificate in Sports Nutrition have been approved for (Continuing Education Credits-CECs/CEUs/CPEUs) by ACSM, NSCA-CSCS, NSCA-CPT, the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR), the credentialing agency for Registered Dietitians (RDs) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and other organizations.

The Certificate in Personal Fitness Training program course work is designed to supply essential education integrating sports nutrition, exercise science curriculum, fitness business concepts, and practical training techniques into a systematic model that teaches students to progress their clients through different training levels and phases. Students will be prepared for careers working at medically-based fitness facilities, community wellness programs, personal training/fitness studios, physical therapy clinics, corporate fitness centers, YMCA’s/JCC’s, athletic facilities, and private and commercial health clubs and gyms.

NASM-CPT Exam Voucher: Students that complete the program will receive a voucher code that provides a discount when registering for the NASM-CPT Certification exam. An additional benefit, is that students may also complete an Optional Internship Course (not required to graduate) if they would like a practical learning experience.

Certificate of Sports Nutrition and Performance: This certificate program is an instructor led, college level, online certificate designed to meet the growing demand for additional education in nutrition for Registered Dietitians, DTRs, personal trainers/fitness professionals, athletic trainers, allied health/medical and fitness professionals, and the general public who want to learn about developing individualized sports nutrition programs for clients, patients, or for personal improvement. This Online Certificate program provides an in-depth examination of contemporary nutritional topics such as advanced sports nutrition, vitamin/protein supplementation, functional food implementation, antioxidants, and meal plan analysis for optimal performance.

NASM Personal Fitness Trainer Course Descriptions (Instructor-Led)

Introduction to Exercise Science – Level 1 (Anatomy and Kinesiology): 50 Hours
In this course, students gain an understanding of musculoskeletal and functional anatomy and the effects of exercise placed on joint structures during exercise movements. Emphasis is placed on learning about proper body alignment, joint range of motion (ROM), basic biomechanics, and kinesiological principles to the development of safe and effective exercise programs.

Introduction to Exercise Science – Level 2 (Exercise Physiology): 50 Hours
This course is designed to teach the personal trainer how the muscular, skeletal, and cardiorespiratory systems function with and without exercise conditioning. Additional topics include energy metabolism, neuromuscular function, and the physiology of exercise in relation to training programs and environmental considerations.

Health Risk Profiles and Fitness Assessment Techniques: 50 Hours
This course teaches students how to assess and evaluate cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular testing techniques, joint ROM, flexibility, body-fat analysis, blood pressure, and body measurements based on NASM and ACSM guidelines. Topics include client screening procedures, medical and health history intake forms, identifying high-risk clients, determining the appropriate test, conducting the test, and evaluating the results.

Business Administration and Management Aspects for Personal Trainers: 50 Hours
This course gives personal trainers a solid background in developing or starting a personal training business and prepares them for financial management, marketing strategies, and business plan development. Techniques for effective management include standards and guidelines, facility/studio personnel management, and operational issues from a small personal training (PT) studio to managing a PT department at a large health facility.

Designing Exercise Prescriptions for Normal/Special Populations: 50 Hours
This course teaches how to develop an exercise prescription in relation to health implications for normal/special populations related to age, medical condition, and fitness level. Topics include cardiac conditions, diabetes, physical disabilities, HIV and AIDS, asthma, sensory impairments, pregnancy, and program design for children to senior populations. This course is designed as a research-based class with emphasis on designing a step-by-step process to creating individualized exercise programs.

Optional Field Internship: 60 Hours
Prerequisite: 5 Core Courses and CPR Certification
NOTE: This course is an optional course and is not required to receive the Professional Certificate. Learn to work with professionals in the fitness and health industry for a hands-on experience working with members at fitness facilities and health centers.

Certificate in Sports Nutrition and Performance Course Descriptions (Instructor-Led)

Nutrition and You: Functional Foods: 50 Hours
Heard about the health benefits of cocoa for cardiovascular health? What do garlic, tomato sauce, and tofu have in common? Which spices and herbs need to be consumed in your daily diet? In this course you will learn what functional foods to eat for increased performance in sports, training, and daily life.

Weight Management and Nutrition in the Lifecycle: 50 Hours
Applying the principles of good nutrition starts at Day 1, whether working with clients or designing the optimal personalized eating program. This course teaches students the principles behind helping a client in any stage of their life to set and achieve peak performance. Discover what specific nutrients need to be increased in your diet for peak performance and at different stages of your life. Learn how to personalize your own meal plan and those of your clients.

Introduction to Sports Nutrition and Performance: 50 Hours
Learn what to eat before, during, and after competition, design optimal meal plans for athletes, and be able to identify the best sport supplements such as protein powders/bars, creatine, and sport drinks. Learn to provide the best fuel for your body and how proper nutrition can provide optimal muscle development, recovery and sports performance.

Public Nutrition and Wellness Education: 50 Hours
This course delves more deeply into nutrition, performance, and optimal wellness. Master the tools needed to provide educated answers on nutrition and overall well-being. Learn how to navigate through the media’s mixed messages on sports nutrition, supplementation, diets, and effectively interpret nutrition news, and understand critical information on the science behind vitamins/proteins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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NASM Personal Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutrition Certificate Program

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