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Welcome to the Pharmacy Technician Program


 Where do I go to inquire about
taking the PTCB exam?

A: www.ptcb.org

This website contains all the information needed to know about the PTCE exam. Please keep in mind,  360 Training does not pay for the PTCE or do we reimburse for the PTCE exam fee. However, 360Training will pay for the EXCPt via NHA if you have enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program with CPHt..

What are the requirements for my
state to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician?

A: The student will  need
to contact their State Board of Pharmacy. (e.g. if you live in Texas go to
Texas State Board of Pharmacy). The reason for this is, other states have different laws and different requirements.  Please visit:  


How much does the exam cost?

A.  $129 – PTCE, 

B.  $105- EXCPt

Will 360 Training pay for the
cost of the exam or is it included in my tuition?

A.  360 Training will only pay for the EXCPt exam if the student has registered in the Pharmacy Technician w/CPHt. 360 Training does not pay for or reimburse the PTCE exam fee.

 Where can I take the PTCB exam?

 A. If a student is only interested in take the PTCE, please visit www.ptcb.org. This website will provide valuable information regarding exam dates and testing sites.

 Can I take the ExCPT instead of
the PTCE?

A: Yes; however, you will not be
reimbursed by 360 Training for this exam.  Both the EXCPt and PTCE are nationally recognized. Check with your state’s Board of Pharmacy to inquire about their requirements.
Technicians.  Please visit:
www.nationaltechexam.org. to learn more about the EXCPt.

 How many questions are on the
PTCE exam?

A.  There are 90
computerized questions in which you have two hours to complete. For the EXCPt exam, there are 110 questions and you have the same amount of time as the PTCE to complete the exam.


When do I receive my stuff?

●You will receive your books/equipment 10-14 days after your start date listed on your enrollment letter. For those who live overseas and have an FPO/APO address their may be a slight delay in receiving your materials.

Can I look at my classes or start as soon as I enroll?

●No—classes are not available on line until your start date. See your initial enrollment letter for start date.

How long should it take me to finish my courses?

●It is suggested to spend 10-20 hours a week on the course. If you are needing assistance with studying habits, scheduling, etc., please send an email to [email protected]

Can someone fix the errors that were made on my test?

●No, as the quizzes and finals are all graded by computer. If errors are of the magnitude to affect grades the  instructor will adjust your grade accordingly.

What if I want to drop the course?

●Contact [email protected]

What if I need an extension?

[email protected] or call 1-866-451-3854.

Who do I contact if I need to retake a test?

●Contact me at [email protected] or call me at (512)861-0240, Monday-Friday 8-4pm CST.

Who is my instructor for what portion of curriculum?

●Reference WELCOME TO CLASS letter you received at the beginning of your courses. You will see the instructor’s name for each portion of your curriculum by course. 

How can I look at my grades so far?

●Go into the LMS and access your courses page and click on “View Transcripts.” Your grade will be displayed.

Why isn’t my grade being displayed?

A. There may be two reasons for this. One, you may have accidently missed answering a test question, Two, you  may have allowed the exam to “time out.”
General instructions for final exams

●All exams are open book. You can use medical dictionaries and Google

●Do not have a lot of windows open during the exam

●Once the exam is started, you can’t stop it and continue

●Don’t leave the exam for any extended time or the browser can freeze

●If you fail an exam, retake at your convenience. You are given five attempts to pass.  We suggest re-studying the material