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Welcome to the Pharmacy Technician Program

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Welcome to the Pharmacy Technician Program

Welcome to the Pharmacy Technician Program

What does a pharmacy
technician do?



Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists
with providing prescription medications and other health care products to
patients. They typically perform routine tasks such as preparing medications by
counting pills, pouring liquids, measuring ingredients, and labeling
containers. They also maintain the records and billing information of patients
and clean the equipment of the pharmacy. Sometimes pharmacy technicians mix
pharmaceutical ingredients while being directed and supervised by the



How much do pharmacy
technicians make?



Currently, the middle 50% of pharmacy
technicians earned annual salaries between $27,384 and $33,993. The highest 10%
earned annual salaries of more than $37,097 (2).
A career as a pharmacy technician is an
excellent choice for people interested in assisting pharmacists and patients
with prescription medications. Strong customer service skills and ability to
work as part of a team are essential. Pharmacy technicians must be responsible,
organized, dedicated, and observant. They must pay very close attention to
details and be precise because they are dealing with people’s health and lives.




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