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Pharmacy Technician – CVS Externship Program Information

Position Title: Pharmacy Technician

Position Summary:

Work as part of the Pharmacy Team to ensure that each customer has a positive shopping experience at CVS and to ensure customer satisfaction by serving each customer according to CVS company values.

Job duties:

Customer Service

  • Greet each customer in a courteous and professional manner and answer telephone with appropriate greeting.
  • Assist all pharmacy and front store customers with their questions and concerns.
  • Request additional help when needed to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain customer/patient confidentiality according to HIPAA and company standards.


  • Comply with all federal and state laws, rules and regulations as well as CVS policy and procedures at all times.
  • Adhere to CVS workflow and ensure quality assurance standards are maintained at all times.
  • Maintain prescription prioritization throughout prescription processing including translation of SIG codes, product selection, counting and measuring drugs, capping and uncapping vials and bottles.
  • Resolve Third Party rejections and complete any manual claim forms.
  • Perform all register transactions in adherence of CVS policy and procedures.
  • Perform all prescription pick-up procedures in adherence of CVS policy and procedures.
  • Retrieve and file prescriptions appropriately according to State and Federal Law.
  • Participate in all required store operational meetings.
  • Maintain a clean, organized and professional pharmacy department.
  • Access, input and retrieve information to/from the computer.
  • Complete all required training programs.
  • Stand for extended periods of time.

Inventory Management

  • Maintain in-stock by ensuring all inventory management policies and procedures are followed.
  • Utilize appropriate report(s) to maintain replenishment.
  • Pull outdated, damaged and recalled merchandise and prepare for return

Hours: Arrange with site supervisor. Total externship hours = 120 hours.


  • Satisfactory background checks and drugs screening results.
  • Background check and drugs screening processing fee of $80.
  • Enrollment and/or completion of Pharmacy Technician program.
  • Meet state licensing/registration requirements for pharmacy technicians. State by state requirements available HERE.

Compensation: Unpaid externship

Locations: Nationwide except FL, MN, UT, WA, and WY.

How to Apply:

Stage I

  1. Visit CVS store locator page and choose 3 desired externship sites:
  2. Complete the online CVS Externship Application form.

Stage II

  1. After initial review of the externship application and supporting documents, eligible students will be invited to complete CVS application package and receive additional application instructions.
  2. After all application paperwork is completed, students will be asked to undergo background check and drug screening. (fee required)

Stage III

  1. After acceptance of screening results, students will be approved to undergo required CVS orientation and training.
  2. Once an externship location is determined, student will schedule a brief interview with supervising pharmacist in charge.
  3. Upon acceptance by the pharmacist in charge, a mutually agreeable work schedule will be worked out with the store.

For More Information Contact:

Career Services
(512) 539-2716
[email protected]