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Medical Transcription Training Course

What is Medical Transcription?

Virtually every encounter that takes place between a health care provider and a patient is recorded either by voice or electronically. When dictated, the information is then transcribed (typed) by a Medical Transcriptionist and the report is filed in the patient’s chart (hard copy or electronic or both) using a computer and a word processor.

As a career, Medical transcription is one of the few legitimate career choices that allows you to work at home. An average MT with one year of experience earns a minimum of $18 to $20 an hour with many MTs making considerably more. According to the Government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, this career field is expected to grow by 11% through the year 2018 due to an increase in the aging population. This makes medical transcription both a stable and lucrative career choice. Click here to request our free eBook to tell you all about Medical Transcription.

Why Choose Meditec?

First, we did what we teach for over 27 years, and have been in the training end for over 40 years helping hundreds of students start a career in medical transcription. It is the ONLY program with INTERNSHIPS available when you complete the training. Learn more about Meditec’s Internship Program.

Meditec’s superior training has been in business for a long time and is registered and licensed to teach; having a great reputation and standard in the industry itself.

Affordable education with low cost and significant discounts for payment in full, payment plans up to 12 months with no credit checks, and federal and state grant funding in most states. Scroll down this page for more information.

What About Certification?

Certification is available for most of the career programs we teach. Certifiers may require some level of actual experience before allowing a certification test (coding, for instance), but allow students to join as “associates”. Most students who successfully pass our program are well prepared to pass certification exams from either AHDI (which strongly suggests 2 years of acute care experience before taking the CMT exam) or Med-certification (which offers an entry level certification for newly trained MTs).

Your enrollment includes EVERYTHING you need:

  • Complete, interactive, and fun online training with full access for a year!
  • 15 month electronic membership in AHDI – Learn More
  • 15 month Benchmark KB subscription: AHDI Book of Style, Stedman’s Medical Terms and Phrases, Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, Stedman’s Laboratory Values, Physician’s Finder, Abbreviations, Medical and Surgical Equipment Words, Quick Look Drug book, etc. – Learn More
  • Qualified, friendly instructor assigned to you
  • Detailed Medical Terminology training
  • Dictation practice with actual physician dictation, the real world of medicine (no professional actors like most training programs use).
  • Basic wavplayer footpedal
  • Immediate feedback on all quizzes in the course. No waiting for grades.
  • Access to Meditec’s student forum for networking and discussion!
  • Virtual Classes: Weekly ‘office hours’ with our instructors – available via our online classroom to respond to your content and career questions in real time. The office hours are interactive sessions encouraging topic-focused discussions and will help you tremendously in learning everything you need to know.
  • Our unique Jumpstart Internship (see eligibility detail)

PLUS: Pay in full upon enrollment and get our Bonus package ($500 value)

  • Home Biz Book- The ultimate how to – start your own MT business, prepare and evaluate employment contracts, learn to network.
  • Transitioning Student to MT book- A GREAT graduation resource: Learn about the technical side of retrieving voice files and moving through the medical information E-world, with overview of word expander software, and related tools. Internship – real jobs for student graduates


Call our toll-free number 877-335-4072 or send us an email using our contact form, (we do not share your information) and one of our enrollment coordinators will be happy to help you explore funding options or customize a payment program that will fit your budget. Click here for additional information.