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Medical Office Administrative Assistant

With Meditec's Medical Office Administrative Assistant program, you will develop the skills necessary to succeed as a medical assistant. We consult with industry experts to ensure you learn everything needed to excel in your chosen path.

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What is a medical office assistant? Medical Office Assistant Online Training Programs

Medical office assistants are an important part of any medical clinic or facility. They handle the administrative tasks and set things in order inside a clinic. Doctors and other health practitioners rely on the medical office assistant for the clerical duties. They are the first point of contact of patients and they manage the patient information records. Duties of the medical office assistant vary depending on the type, size and location of a health facility.

Medical assistants earn a median salary of $29,370 per year or an average of $14.12 per hour, according to the 2012 data of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The future of work in this field is positive as job growth is predicted to increase at 29% (that’s faster than the average of most jobs). Medical health facilities and physicians will continue to seek the services as medical office assistants in the coming years.

If you’re thinking of enrolling in a program that leads to an in-demand career, a medical assistant online training program might be for you.

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How do you become a medical office assistant?

Medical office assistants are well versed with the jargon used inside a health facility or a physician’s office. Basic knowledge of medical terms and organization skills are essential to become a medical office assistant.

There are online training programs dedicated to helping students get the necessary skills to become a medical office assistant. Meditec offers medical administrative training programs to those who wanted to becoming certified in this field.

How long is a medical office assistant course? The Medical Office Assistant Training Program at Meditec takes about four months to complete if you study approximately 14 hours a week.

Our online training programs are created by industry experts and will help you learn the following skills necessary for this job:

  • Reimbursement claim submission
  • Insurance industry requirements
  • Basic medical terms
  • Five Ps inside a medical office

Enrolling in Meditec’s medical office assistant training program online allows you to:

  • Study at your own pace, wherever and whenever you are comfortable
  • Get access to high quality courses devised by industry experts
  • Have consultations with our career counselors to help you find a job after finishing the program
  • Be prepared to pass the National Health Career Association exam

Meditec online preparation course for medical assistants can help you become a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA).

Interested in a career in this field? Talk to us and get started on your training today!

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