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Medical Coding Career Training

What is Medical Coding?

Every service (test, office visit, injection, surgical procedure, etc.) in the provision of medical care has a numeric code associated with it designed to describe to payers or reviewers (and for statistics) what the procedure was without writing it out. These codes are called CPT (Current Procedural Terminology). The reason the service(s) are provided uses another set of codes, diagnostic numbers called IDC (International Disease Codes). A coder uses these two sets of codes employing maybe 10 numbers to describe what is wrong with and what was for the patient. Click here to learn more.

Medical coders and billers are in high demand. According to the Government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, this career choice is expected to grow by 20% through 2018! This means that medical coding and billing is a stable career choice. Medical records technicians make between $40,000 to $50,000 a year with some making much more than this! However, this career field does require specialized training – and that’s where we come in. Click here to request our free eBook for those considering a career in Medical Billing and Coding.

Why Choose Meditec?

First, we did what we teach for over 27 years, and have been in the training end for over 40 years helping hundreds of students start a career in medical coding and billing.

Meditec provides superior and comprehensive medical coding and billing training. We have been in business for a long time, and are registered and licensed to teach, have a great reputation, and are well known in the industry itself.

Affordable education with low cost and significant discounts for payment in full, payment plans up to 12 months with no credit checks, and federal and state grant funding in most states. Scroll down this page for more information.

What About Certification?

Certification is available for most of the career programs we teach. Certifiers may require some level of actual experience before allowing a certification test (coding is a good example), but allow students to join as “associates”. Most students who successfully pass our program are well prepared to pass coding certification exams from AHIMA, AAPC, Med-Certification and other health care certifiers (for both billing and coding disciplines), CCA (Certified Coding Associate) being the most common for beginners.

Your enrollment includes EVERYTHING you need:

You start with medical terminology, then study coding theory, but the way you learn to code is by actually coding, so we exclusively provide over 600 actual medical record charts for you to practice on, with the complete rationale provided immediately after you code a chart so you learn as you go.

  • Complete, interactive, and fun online training with full access for a year!
  • Medical Terminology
  • Coding theory and practicum
  • All industry standard codebooks you need (ICD and CPT) – other programs do not provide them, you have to buy your own.
  • Yes, we know all about ICD-10 coding, but it is not required until 2013 and is easily learned once you master ICD-9 which is in the course.
  • Qualified, friendly instructors available by phone and e-mail
  • Immediate feedback on all quizzes and coding exercises in the course. No waiting for grades.
  • Access to Meditec’s student forums for networking and discussion!
  • Virtual Classes: Weekly ‘office hours’ with our instructors – available via our online classroom to respond to your content and career questions in real time. The office hours are interactive sessions encouraging topic-focused discussions and will help you tremendously in learning everything you need to know.
  • Home Biz Book: The ultimate how to – start your own service business, prepare and evaluate employment contracts, learn to network.

PLUS: Pay in full upon enrollment and get our Bonus package ($400 value)

  • Workplace Success – your comprehensive guide to succeeding in the workplace. Invaluable to those who are new to the job market or have been out of the market for many years.
  • Home Biz Book- The ultimate how to – start your own home business, prepare and evaluate employment contracts, learn to network.