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I'm Having Email Problems...

Got Email Problems?


If you are having problems using one of our online communications forms, please refer to our main Technical Support Form, and/or try using your own email program to send a message directly to “[email protected]”. Please make sure to describe the exact error you are receiving, and to provide us with the exact URL of the non-functioning form.

If you are having problems sending email directly to us –> which means, you are using your own email program to send a message to a specific address on our network, and that message is being rejected or returned to you, please read the following details and then refer to our Email Support Form to send your message.

Are you receiving one of the following message when sending email directly to
1)“550 We don’t accept mail from spammers”?

If so, then the Internet Service Provider Network you are using, has been identified as one which either promotes, encourages, or profits by the sending of unsolicited (Spam/Junk) Email, or by their inaction or poor security controls, allow users on your network and/or users from other networks, to deliver unsolicited (Spam/Junk) Email either directly from their servers, or by allowing such Email to be relayed via their servers.

In 2007, Meditec was forced to expend far more resources than should be required trying to maintain an unrestrictive mail system for our customers, while also trying to address the ever-increasing problems related to Spam/Junk email arriving on our servers. We confess that we were fighting a losing battle! Both our internal users, as well as our public website visitors and our valued customers, were all inconvenienced, either directly or indirectly, by the ever-increasing volume and proliferation of Spam/Junk email. Therefore, as of January 1, 2008, we have implemented a much more stringent policy regarding all unsolicited email, including the implementation of much more aggressive content filtering and IP blocking on our mail servers.

2)“Undeliverable… User Uknown… No such user…, etc.

If so, then the email address you have used, is not valid, or contains invalid characters, misspellings, etc. As noted below, we do not maintain a general delivery mailbox. When sending email directly to Meditec, you must send it to a valid user account. NOTE: For security reasons, we do not publish a list of our valid accounts on our website. If you are unsure of the user’s email address, please refer to the “Help & Support” menu, and use the appropriate FORM-BASED communications methods. Our staff will insure that your FORM-BASED inquiry is routed to the appropriate person.

Our Policy Regarding Unsolicited (Spam/Junk) Email:

  • We will use every reasonable means to block the receipt of all unsolicited email from our network.
  • We will use every reasonable means to protect our email servers from being used for the purposes of relaying or sending unsolicited email by entities outside of our network.
  • We will use every reasonable means to protect the email addresses of our customers.
    [See Also: Our Privacy Statement]
  • We will never send unsolicited email to our customers, and will use every reasonable means to investigate any instances of relayed or bounced email designed to appear as if it originated from our network.
  • We will not provide a “general delivery” mailbox on our network: All email sent to our network, must be addressed to a valid user account on our network, or must otherwise be sent through one of our HTML-based online forms.
  • All email identified as Spam by our SpamAssassin filters, or directly by receipt in one of our valid user accounts, will be summarily deleted without further review on a regular basis.
  • We will provide and maintain a web-based (HTML) technical support form, as well as other form-based communications methods, for any user who wishes to notify our network administrator of any problems they may have sending email directly to our network, or where such users may be unable to send email directly, due to IP blocking that has already been implemented due to Unsolicited/Spam/Junk email having been previously received via their ISP/Network. [See: Email Delivery Problem Report Form].
  • We will make every reasonable effort to adjust our filters and IP blocks to allow legitimate email communications to be received, as long as such adjustments do not otherwise compromise our ability to block unsolicited email from the originating network. E.g., we will not guarantee that legitimate users with accounts on known “spamming” networks will be able to send email to our network.
  • Unfortunately, there will be circumstances where legitimate users will not be able to send email directly to Meditec (will have to use form-based alternatives), due to the fact that they have accounts on networks known to engage in, or which otherwise allow the proliferation of unsolicited email from their network.

If you have attempted to send email directly to Meditec and had your email returned to you with the error message “550 We don’t accept mail from spammers” …

Please let us know by completing our Email Delivery Problem Report Form. This form will allow you to identify yourself and your network information, so that we can research the issue. We ask that in the comments section of this form, you copy and paste the header information from the email message that was RETURNED to you, so that we can evaluate the sending and receiving server details.

If our investigation shows that your ISP/Network is a known and persistent source of unsolicited email, we will notify you of this fact and urge you to contact your ISP and let their customer service and technical support departments know why your email is being blocked, and encourage them to undertake immediate steps to remedy the problem.

If your ISP is unwilling (or claims to be unable) to address this problem, we would suggest that you seek an alternative service provider — one with a more ethical and responsible policy regarding unsolicited email.

We sincerely apologize to any legitimate user or customer who has been inconvenienced by our unsolicited (spam/junk) email policies, but we are fully committed to improving our network performance, reducing our mail server overhead, protecting the security and integrity of our network devices, and reducing the overall costs associated with fighting the world-wide scourge of unsolicited email.

If the network operators who profit by, condone, or by their inaction, refuse to seriously address the proliferation of spam/junk email, then we will simply block ALL email traffic from their networks, with the hope that their legitimate customers will bring sufficient economic pressure to bear upon them, to force them to act responsibly.

By many estimates, as much as 86.2% of all the email delivered over the Internet in 2006, was unsolicited SPAM/JUNK mail. That is an astonishing number, and would still be significant at even 1/10th of that amount. In terms of the impact this has on everyone, it translates into a tremendous waste (and expense) in resources that costs Internet Service Providers and Businesses billions of dollars each year. Some estimates indicate that the cost to businesses will exceed 200 billion dollars by 2008. By any estimate, the ever-increasing proliferation of unsolicited SPAM/JUNK email is an epidemic of global proportions. The problem is so overwhelming and pervasive, that if SPAM was an incurable disease, 99.99% of all the Internet users around the world, would be dead by now!

Our goal is to reduce the amount of spam/junk email received on our network, and to do so aggressively, by rejecting the delivery of all email from known and identified “spamming networks.” It is our sincere hope that you will join us in our efforts to combat the world-wide epidemic of spam/junk email, by demanding of your internet service providers, that they take immediate and proactive steps to stop this proliferation, and if they refuse to do so, that you will switch your internet service provider account to a company that is committed to stopping the global proliferation of unsolicited spam and junk email.

Thank You.
Meditec Management