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AlphaII Software

Meditec provides the Alpha II Coding System developed by physicians and coders who publish coding manuals. It is a wonderful standalone product which will assist your billing-coding staff enormously. If you are a coding student, be sure to consider adding it to your course. If you plan on establishing yourself in business as a coder-biller, it is mandatory. A recognized leader in the industry, the Alpha II Coding System is one of the very best medical coding tools you can buy anywhere, and is used by hospitals, private clinics, physicians’ offices, and professional coders throughout the country.

The Alpha II Coding System is available as a Single User License for $1,295.00, or a Multi-User (2-3) User License for $1,795.00. You will find “Add-On” options for this Software in all of the online order forms (for applicable product/courses) within the Meditec website.

About Alpha II
The Alpha II technology solutions support coding, compliance, claims editing and revenue analysis for more than 30,000 healthcare professionals at medical practices, hospitals and health systems, clinics, billing services, outpatient facilities and other healthcare organizations, both commercial and governmental. Alpha II solutions enhance practice management, electronic medical record (EMR) and other healthcare information systems.

What does it do?:

  • Incorporates all CCP edits and medical necessity edits
  • Generates E/M level of service code based on your documentation
  • Prompts for required modifiers -25, -57, -51, & -59
  • Shows which modifiers are applicable for each code you select
  • Indicates starred CPT procedures
  • Gives RVUs, coverage notes, & bundling status
  • Prompts for ICD-9 4th and 5th digits- always ultimate specificity
  • Prompts for E-codes, underlying disease codes & additional codes
  • Automatically sequences codes
  • Warns you if your ICD-9 codes don’t justify your CPT codes
  • Suggests ICD-9s that would justify your CPT codes
  • Tells you when your codes are matched and ordered correctly and are likely to be accepted by a carrier
  • Provides copy and paste commands for easy interfacing

Alpha II Claimstaker integrates Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) edits.

Claims editing software helps doctors meet national pay-for-performance standards and receive an additional 1.5% in Medicare reimbursement.

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