Business Office Manager

Business Office Manager

Meditec's Business Office Manager program teaches students practical administrative skills and the general business knowledge needed for entering the office environment.

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Business Office Manager

This comprehensive program exposes students to a vast array of general business knowledge, management and administration skills, and practical tools that will assist them in dealing with situations within an office environment and prepare them for a career as a Business Office Manager. Includes knowledge of how businesses utilize marketing, and financial services and apply them to office management. Video segments introduce Dr. Mills and other leaders who discuss such issues as how leaders become leaders, leadership ethics, and the differences between leaders, managers, and administrators.


Students will develop competencies in the following areas:

  • Business Essentials
  • Management Fundamentals
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business Financial Management
  • Business in the Electronic Age
  • Business Presentations
  • Business Correspondence Level 1
  • Human Resource Management
  • Office Procedures Level 1
  • Office Procedures Level 2


Business Essentials

  • Module 1: An Introduction to Business
  • Module 2: Business Ethics, Practices, & Environmental Issues
  • Module 3: Free Markets, Mixed Economies, and International Business
  • Module 4: Management, Organizational Structure, and Employee Relations
  • Module 5: Government and Business
  • Module 6: Small Business and Entrepreneurs
  • Module 7: Operations, Services, and Production
  • Module 8: Accounting Basics
  • Module 9: Marketing

Management Fundamentals

  • Module 1: Management: The Big Picture
  • Module 2: Planning and Organizing
  • Module 3: Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Negotiating
  • Module 4: Leading, Facilitating, and Coordinating
  • Module 5: Communication Skills and Meetings
  • Module 6: Time Management
  • Module 7: Security, Safety, and Health

Marketing and Sales

  • Module 1: Introduction to Marketing and Sales
  • Module 2: Marketing Strategy
  • Module 3: The Marketing Environment
  • Module 4: Understanding and Segmenting Markets
  • Module 5: Product Strategies
  • Module 6: Pricing Strategies
  • Module 7: Place (Distribution) Strategies
  • Module 8: Promotion Strategies
  • Module 9: Internet Marketing and the Technological Revolution

Business Financial Management

  • Module 1: Overview of Financial Management
  • Module 2: Bookkeeping and Accounting Principles
  • Module 3: Examining Financial Statements
  • Module 4: Analyzing Financial Statements
  • Module 5: Profit Planning
  • Module 6: Capital Management
  • Module 7: Capital Investment Decisions
  • Module 8: Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Controlling
  • Module 9: Financing and Working Capital
  • Module 10: Business Valuation

Business in the Electronic Age

  • Module 1: E-business and the Emergence of the Electronic Age
  • Module 2: Business to Business (B2B) Commerce
  • Module 3: Business to Consumer (B2C) Commerce
  • Module 4: Internal Communication and Document and Knowledge Management Systems
  • Module 5: Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Resource Management Systems
  • Module 6: Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Module 7: Marketing and Advertising in the Internet Age
  • Module 8: Emerging Technologies and Markets

Business Presentations

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Successful Presentations
  • Module 2: Planning Your Presentation
  • Module 3: Creating Your Presentation
  • Module 4: Strengthening Your Presentation
  • Module 5: Delivering Your Presentation

Business Correspondence Level 1

  • Module 1: Business Writing Basics
  • Module 2: Positive and Negative Letters
  • Module 3: Neutral and Inquiry Letters
  • Module 4: Envelopes and Labels
  • Module 5: E-Mail and Fax Correspondence
  • Module 6: Memos and Forms

Human Resource Management

  • Module 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Module 2: Human Resource Recruitment
  • Module 3: Employee Selection
  • Module 4: Orientation, Training and Development
  • Module 5: Performance Management
  • Module 6: Compensation and Benefits
  • Module 7: Occupational Health and Safety
  • Module 8: Union Management Relations

Office Procedures – Level 1

  • Module 1: Communication and Language Skills
  • Module 2: Banking and Key Banking Services
  • Module 3: Information and Records Management
  • Module 4: Mail Distribution and Services
  • Module 5: Telephone Services and Techniques
  • Module 6: Dealing with the Public

Office Procedures – Level 2

  • Module 1: The Organizational Structure
  • Module 2: Implementing Efficiency and Time Management
  • Module 3: Working with Business Forms
  • Module 4: Managing Reprographics
  • Module 5: Planning Meetings and Events
  • Module 6: Making Travel Arrangements
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Business Office Manager

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