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Ways That You Can Earn Money from Home

Sandy September 16, 2013 Comments Off on Ways That You Can Earn Money from Home

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Starting a home based career is no rocket science in this internet age. One simply needs a computer, wits and an internet connection to make a living. However, not everyone is up-to-date with the online career trend, like people who weren’t exactly born in the internet age, and housewives who are a bit rusty and would like to contribute to the household income as a work at home mom. But a little training and background may help these individuals catch up and earn a decent income online? We list some of the time-tested ways to do so:

1.    Enroll in a portable career training class. Certifications will get your foot right in the door. Medical transcription is an in-demand allied healthcare field, and having a medical transcription certification can open doors for you. Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that medical transcriptionist earn $15.82 an hour and about $32,900 annually.

Certificate courses for medical transcription and other portable careers like medical billing coding, customer service, and pharmacy technician usually cost a thousand dollars or more, but you can always pay for them in installment or use a financing option like a MyCAA grant to cover for them.

2.    Blog and monetize. According to Intac.com, one-fourth of the 13 million bloggers worldwide earn more than US$100,000. This amount may include anything but are not limited to financial earnings from the traffic gained by the site, advertisements, affiliate commissions, paid write-ups such as PRs, reviews and advertorials. Bloggers who make use of their blogs to promote their own business and product offerings can make residual income from their blogs as well.

So how do you make money from your blog? You can start by writing for syndicated websites like Squidoo.com or Triond.com. Or, create your own blog and set up Google adwords or NuffNang, which usually finds advertisers for your blog.

3.    Build a good reputation alongside your portfolio. As you get more projects, build a good relationship with clients since they can refer you to more new clients. Be professional, live up to promises and learn to accept your mistakes. A proven good track record will help you gain your new clients’ confidence.

4.    Sell your wares online. Are you into arts and crafts? Are you into reselling antiques and memorabilia? Do you love creating fashion clothing, accessories, and other related merchandise? Put up an online store. Reach customers through ebay.com, etsy.com, crafster.com, art.com and more.

5.    Consulting. Are you an expert at something? Thanks to the internet, you can finally set up a consulting business that can quickly gain visibility through online channels. Whether you are in finance, marketing, creative, publishing, you can always benefit from starting your own consulting business online.

Whatever you get into, make sure that what you’re doing is legit. Veer away from job postings online that will require you to invest some amount of money, like those prevalent on craiglist.com. These are probably scams. Good luck on your endeavor!

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