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Top Work-from-Home Jobs

James Palinsad September 2, 2013 Comments Off on Top Work-from-Home Jobs

work from home jobs

The advent of internet technology has leveled the playing field for professionals seeking a lucrative job even without leaving their homes. Thanks to technology, workers can say hello to equal opportunity and pay—all online—and say goodbye to mind-numbing office politics and time-sucking activities. With a work-from-home job, you can make most of their time and spend it on things and people they value most, such as their family, friends, and perhaps that novel that you’ve been meaning to write for years.

We’ve compiled the top work-at-home jobs that have given home-based employees and contractors the chance to excel at their chosen career, not to mention, earn a decent salary. Read on.

1.    Allied health care professionals

Allied health care professionals include those who work in the medical transcription, medical billing and medical coding fields. These professionals may work full-time or as a contractor to health care facilities and outsourcing providers. Top job hunting sites Salary.com and Indeed.com estimate the income range of allied health care professionals between $30,000 and $80,000.

2.    Software Engineers

Software engineers are responsible for maintaining software and systems. The job ranks number two on Forbes.com’s list of top 10 work-at-home jobs that pay. Software engineers earn around $1,549 weekly, which totals to a whopping $85,000 annually.

3.    Tax Preparers

Tax preparers perform income tax audits for companies and individuals. Tax preparers rank number 9 on Forbes.com’s list of work-at-home job that pay well. Forbes.com estimates tax preparers’ median weekly income at $1,061 and annual salary at $31,000.

4.    Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives are in-demand no matter where you are in the world. And they earn $14.64 an hour ($30,460 annually), according to US Bureau of Labor and Statistics data. This income can go higher especially for customer service representatives who are entitled to commissions. The job is great for people who communicate well and are patient. It is also perfect for people who have no problem with multitasking. Customer service offers a wealth of opportunities for workers, with companies including known hotel chains like Hilton and Best Western using work-from-home representatives.

5.    Online Tutor/ Teacher

According to Payscale, tutors earn a median annual salary of $32,519 and an hourly rate of between $8 and $39. The job is perfect for teachers who want to work on their own terms and prefer teaching via online collaboration tools (e.g. Skype, Screencast, Glance) or in a prerecorded video session. Like other professionals, tutors nowadays are entitled to receive paid fringe benefits and paid time offs (PTOs) from their employers.

6.    Insurance Claims Specialist/Adjuster

Insurance claims adjusters investigate insurance claims in the best interest of insurance providers and clients. Insurance adjusters can work full-time for companies but they can also be self-employed and work from home. They earn pretty well with a median annual income of $48,789, according to Payscale.com.

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