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Top 7 Hot Careers You Can Train For Online

Candice Markham August 2, 2013 Comments Off on Top 7 Hot Careers You Can Train For Online
Top 7 Hot Careers You Can Train For Online

Every year, everyone (or so it seems) makes a best careers, hot careers, or fill-in-the-blank careers list. These trending careers are selected based on salaries, creativity, satisfaction, and the list goes on.

For our hot careers list, we decided to choose careers you can train for online. Why? Because, if you are anything like us, you are short on time (and maybe occasionally wish for 25-hour days) and online training makes your school “commute” the time it takes to walk from the couch to your desk.

Personal and home care aides. Men and women who are both organized and compassionate can provide direct patient care as personal and home care aides. These professionals assist doctors and nurses in a variety of health care environments. Their tasks involve providing basic patient care, including bathing, feeding, toileting and transporting. They handle supplies, change bed linens, perform safety checks, obtain electrocardiogram (EKG) readings and perform blood work.

Veterinary technologists and technicians. Just like doctors have nurses, veterinarians have veterinary technologists—vet techs for short. They often work for small-animal clinics that usually care for cats and dogs, but some treat birds, reptiles, and rodents too. Their duties vary from collecting and analyzing samples to administering medication. Vet techs provide emergency first aid, take and develop x-rays, collect the patient’s history and prepare animals for surgery.

Physical therapist aides. Working with patients indirectly, aides help physical therapist (PT) perform their duties. Most aides work in hospitals or private care offices. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the treatment area is cleaned and organized. They also setup the treatment area for the next patient, move patients, and perform administrative tasks, such as answering the phone or helping with insurance paperwork.

Event planners. From weddings to conferences, event planners coordinate every detail from beginning to end. They secure the venue, schedule speakers or entertainment, reserve lodging and work with vendors, such as florist, caterers, and transportation services—all in preparation for the big day. During the event, planners monitor the event to ensure the client’s expectations are met, as well as handle any emergencies.

Medical secretaries and administrative assistants. Essential for keeping the office running smoothly, medical secretaries are usually the first person patients see upon arrival. They greet clients, check patient identification, verify insurance, set up referrals, and sometimes assist with billing. Regardless of what healthcare area they may work in, they have close contact with patients, doctors, and other colleagues.

Market research analysts and marketing specialists. Gone are the Mad Men days of cute jingles and hoping the product sells. Now, marketing is all about the numbers. Market research analysts study the market (aka potential customers) to determine the potential of a product or service. Their responsibilities range from collecting data to forecasting trends. They use statistical tools to analyze the data and interpret it for their company or client.

Dental assistants. Just like the title sounds, dental assistants assist dentists with a variety of tasks. Depending on the state they’re in, dental assistants might even be able to perform coronal polishing, sealant application, fluoride application, and topical anesthetics application. Their other responsibilities include sterilizing dental instruments, scheduling appointments, maintaining patient records, and processing x-rays.

While these are excellent careers, remember to find a career that you enjoy and fits your lifestyle.

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