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Top 5 Financially Rewarding Medical Careers from Home

James Palinsad July 30, 2013 Comments Off on Top 5 Financially Rewarding Medical Careers from Home
Top 5 Financially Rewarding Medical Careers from Home

What exactly can you do following your career training at home? Here are a few career paths that can help you make money off your online training:

1.    Medical Transcriptionist

Home medical transcription is a perfect fit for people who are fast-typers and are fond of learning new medical terms. Certifications are not necessarily required of medical transcriptionists, which makes the job an attractive career option for parents who’d want to spend more time with their kids, people with disabilities, or military spouses. However, most employers would require you to undergo training first before becoming employed as a medical transcriber. So if you really want to become a medical transcriptionist, then you should enroll in a three or six-month medical transcription course. If you’re lucky, some transcription training providers sometimes offer the training and job placement for free.

2.    Medical Billers and Coders

Medical billers and coders are sometimes employed online, but they have to spend time onsite first before being permitted to work at home. Unlike medical transcription, the job of medical billers and coders is more specialized and deals with complex internationally and industry-recognized disease codes and terminologies, and billing and electronics health records software. Thus, formal training and certifications are required of applicants before getting hired for this job. If you’re going to work online as a medical biller or coder, then you should check the company’s credentials first before joining them as most medical billing and coding positions are gimmicky. Watch out for these scams and know that most companies that hire medical coders and billers for remote employment are insurance companies and outsourcing companies. Otherwise, their operations may be bogus.

3.    Medical Writers and Editors

Writers and editors are in-demand recently following the emergence of SEO and web production. You can get writing jobs from various websites, from the likes of craigslist to odesk.com.  Medical writers and editors are no exception from this trend—and most companies are hiring writers with medical backgrounds to write scholarly or feature articles, medical reports and thesis. And when you have gathered a lot of years of experience under your belt, you may even be hired as a consultant to oversee the publishing of medical papers. If you have a knack for writing, the possibilities for you are endless.

4.    Medical Customer Service Representatives

Call center jobs are prevalent these days and hospitals are needing the services of customer service agents as the demand for healthcare services is on the rise. People who wish to work at home as a medical customer service representative can work as a remote operator for a hospital hotline or work as an advisor for a suicide or mental health support hotline. Some can also work as a sales force team member or remote receptionist for a hospital.

5.    Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technicians are often times employed by hospitals and private clinics to work onsite. However, some may be required to work at home as well, but only if they have contributed onsite work for quite some time. These pharmacy technicians are permitted to work from home after displaying competencies in their field.  They can enter prescriptions online or order them over the phone for customers, or get employed by insurance companies to supervise prescription benefits programs.

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