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How To Get Medical Transciption Certification and Start Your Career

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 09/30/2013 - 13:25
How To Get Medical Transciption

One career that offers opportunities to people who can’t really leave home (personal reasons or preference) is that of a medical transcriptionists. People have different reasons for not wanting to leave home such as family (they have to take care of their love ones). A lot of them still would like to earn money without having to leave home and a lot of them have chosen the medical transcription path. This industry has not only given opportunities to those who would like to earn good money from home but it has also given a lot of people new jobs in a lot of places, such as in India. A lot of companies have already opened in a lot of country offering outsourced services in this field as the demand for workers are increasing. Of course, new companies will open new jobs. Medical transcription professionals do not only work from home and from outsourcing companies as they are also employed in organizations such as physician or doctor’s office and medical facilities. According to the Occupational outlook handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook from 2010 to 2020 will increase 6% with a median pay of $32,900 per year (as of May 2010). This field does not require a bachelor’s degree but there are medical transcription training programs available. Our list of MyCAA approved programs includes medical transcription classes for students interested in this field and other healthcare jobs. They provide financing options and even internship (depends on the performance of the student). Work from home MT’s, mostly military spouses, has taken up our training programs because of its flexibility, affordability and portability (you just need a computer with an internet connection). A lot of people working in this field are now being accompanied by improvements in technology that helps them do their jobs easier and more accurate. Software and technologies such as voice recognition that translate voice to written text are getting popular. Contrary to other people’s belief, the technology being developed for the industry is not meant to replace the professional but only to make their jobs more precise. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing fields out there and it is no wonder that the demand and popularity for medical transcription is still increasing.