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Tips for Staying Focused When Your Mind is on Vacation

Renae Evaro January 26, 2015 Comments Off on Tips for Staying Focused When Your Mind is on Vacation

How to Stay Focused While Having Your VacationThere are times that you find yourself thinking of your next vacation or reminiscing about the past ones. When your mind starts to wander, how do you stay focused on your tasks? Below are some tips to help you set your mind to order:


Develop a routine that will help you stay focused while working. Identify the times in the day where you have minimum distractions and complete the most difficult tasks then. With limited distractions, you will be able to tackle those tough tasks that you need to complete. You could develop an interval study routine when you can study for 30 minutes and take a rest for 10 minutes. This will help you on your long days of studying and it also becomes motivating, knowing that you have only 5 more minutes left before you take a break. Having a solid routine will help you stay focused.

Take Breaks

Make sure to take breaks, regardless if you are at work, studying or even if you decided to work during vacation. Taking a small mental break will help increase your output and provide the rest your brain needs. We provide breaks to our bodies when are training for marathons or any activity, and we need to do the same for our brain. This muscle may be smaller than most, but it holds the power to so much. Do a task that requires very little mental effort, such as checking your mailbox or putting up the dishes.


Reward yourself after you completed writing that paper that is due at noon, or after you completed that 30 minute work session. The reward can be something as small as sending your best friend a text or grabbing a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop, but be sure to reward yourself. This will help you stay on task on those difficult days.


Do you have that special playlist or song that keeps you motivated during tough times? Turn that song on and let it stream into your ears and help motivate you. Music can give you a boost of energy you need to push through those late nights or that difficult project at work. It has been suggested to study with classical music, such as Mozart.

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