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Master Your Spring Cleaning With These 10 Tips!

Submitted by Meditec on Wed, 04/01/2015 - 14:07
Master Your Spring Cleaning With These 10 Tips

It seems that every winter, we bundle ourselves up inside of our homes and let the clutter of a season accumulate. Only when the weather starts to warm up do we realize how messy we've let things get! Spring cleaning, for a lot of people, is a groan inducing chore. For those who want to make the best of the situation, keep on reading! Listed below, you will found our carefully selected top 10 spring cleaning tips! 1. Make a spring cleaning checklist. We've found that the easiest way to accomplish our goals, whether in the home or with the family, is to clearly set them out in front of us. Create a bullet point list of what you'd like to accomplish from your cleaning tasks. Would you like to pare down the pantry? Get rid of those old, falling apart boots? Clean out the 'sports activities' closet? Grab a pen! 2. Create a donation box. While we assume that the clutter we are purging from our home is useless, it may have some value elsewhere. Set aside a few boxes or garbage bags to collect items that could be re-purposed. Donate them to a thrift shop and make sure to get a receipt, you can write off the donation against your taxes! 3. Divide the house into sections. Whether you live in a one bedroom apartment or a three bedroom house you will want to segment the work you will be doing. Looking at the whole home as one room will lead you to feeling exhausted. Divide the house into sections and only work when you can spare the time in order to avoid burnout. 4. Clean your toilets on the cheap. Instead of buying nasty smelling and expensive chemicals, use this easy spring cleaning tip. Before going to bed, pour a packet of koolaid into your toilet bowl. Let it sit overnight and flush it in the morning. This is an all natural, non toxic way to clean your porcelain toilet. The citric acid in the powder eats away at nasty bacteria build up and porcelain won't stain! 5. Get the family involved. Not only will the extra hands help to speed up the process, your kids will also learn a little bit of responsibility. Give your children something they can accomplish. They'll feel useful and proud of helping. 6. Fling open the windows. As far as spring cleaning ideas go, this is our favorite one. Before you start cleaning, you should open up your windows. We all like to think we are super tidy, but we end up disturbing more dust than we could have imagined while cleaning. The fresh air will also get your home smelling great, too.  7. Make a musical playlist. Great music makes the most tedious tasks bearable. So before you start scrubbing, you should take a minute to put together a playlist full of your favorite tunes. Keep the music faster paced and you'll subconsciously start matching the rhythm with your work. 8. Let the floors dry before using them. One of the most important spring cleaning safety tips we can offer you is this: always let wet surfaces dry before you walk onto them to avoid slipping and getting injured. 9. Change your light bulbs. What better way to start spring than to make sure you save money when winter rolls around? Take this opportunity to swap out your old incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. CFLs are dramatically more efficient and a single bulb change can save you over $30 throughout the span of its life. 10. Change the batteries. Go around your house and put fresh batteries in all of your appliances. From smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms all the way to the remote control. Get all of your devices on the same schedule and you won't be scurrying for batteries in the middle of the night!