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Sally Rojas | Meditec Student Testimonial

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 09/08/2014 - 19:41


Last week, we invited Medical Billing & Coding graduate Sally Rojas to join us for a testimonial interview session. Watch the video above or read the interview below to hear her thoughts on what sets Meditec and our career training programs apart. Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to hear more from our students!

Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself

My name is Sally Rojas. I am married to Chief Warrant Officer Carlos Rojas. He's active-duty in the US Army. We are stationed in Fort Bragg North Carolina, however we do live off-post. I enrolled in Medical Billing & Coding accompanied by Medical Terminology at Meditec.

What Motivated You to Continue Your Education?

I decided to enroll in courses with Meditec during my husband's deployment, which is the story of a lot of our lives. He was deployed and PCS-ed, so out of the home for 22 months. While he was deployed, I discovered that there was a scholarship available to active-duty military spouses that would help fund career certification courses.

Why Did You Choose Meditec?

I did inquire with different online schools. Obviously I wanted something that was online. When I looked into it, I called numerous schools, spoke with numerous admissions advisors. I got ahold of an admissions advisor from Meditec, who was nothing but pleasant, easy to manuveur, discuss things with, and he pretty much, you know, in less than a week I was enrolled and ready to go. I liked the smoothness of the course, the fact that it was self-paced, it didn't matter what time I logged on, and the fact that I could actually email a professor and I would get a response within 24 hours. I was pleased about. So that was my biggest thing because I had been out of school for so many years.

What Has Stood Out to You the Most about Meditec?

The instructor that directed the class that I was in was Dawn Morreno. She was awesome. I mean I am a talker. I have lots of questions. I like things explained to me in a manner that I am definitely going to understand. She probably had my number memorized. She talked me through the course. I mean I honestly felt like I was in a classroom setting at times. We'd touch base. Make sure it was a good time for me, a good time for her. She walked me through everything, basically did not get off the phone with me until I understood exactly what I needed to understand. The one thing that I truly liked was as many of us live busy, busy lives, you think you sit down and you think it's time to take this test, and you are ready for it, and all of a sudden the phone rings, your child cries, somebody needs you. Well guess what? You can take it again! You have ample opportunity to become successful, you know. If you take a test, and you don't do well, you get a second chance.

Would You Recommend Meditec to Others?

I highly recommend Meditec to others just because the process of getting in is easy. It's a well-known school. I personally took courses through Meditec. I was nothing but pleased. I've had my sister enroll in courses through Meditec. I've had a couple of friends enroll. I stand behind Meditec 100%   Did you like what Sally had to say about our programs? Make sure to leave a like and share your thoughts! Also, if you haven't yet, subscribe to our YouTube channel to hear more from our students and receive some great career training advice! If you'd like to get in touch with Sally, follow her on Twitter at @SallyRojasEL