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Medical Billing and Coding May Just Be Your Dream Career

Mitzi C. Graham October 23, 2015 Comments Off on Medical Billing and Coding May Just Be Your Dream Career

Pursue A Career in Medical Billing and Coding

We’re pleased to announce that Medical Billing and Coding courses are now offered as part of the MyCAA Program with self-paced training.

Why You Should Consider This Profession

Exciting times are ahead for our students given the increased demand for medical billing and coding jobs in today’s job market. A degree is not necessary but with medical coding, there is a strict requirement for certification.

If you’re looking for a career that is portable, very much in demand, and one that fits the military lifestyle, you should explore the available opportunities in Medical Billing and Coding.

Medical billing and coding salary range varies per state. For example:

State Average Salary   90th Percentile Salary 10th Percentile Salary

MS     $27,580               $42,520                          $16,970

NY      $39,970               $24,920                          $57,630

What is Medical Billing and Coding?

Many people believe that both professions are one and the same when in fact, they are two different disciplines. Medical coding is the process of translating into codes specific medical data. Medical billing is the process of billing insurance carriers for the medical procedures rendered.

Both medical billers and coders are responsible for collecting information and documentation. It’s all part of the medical office cash flow process.

What You Can Expect From Learning Medical Billing and Coding

Students will learn to process treatment records and related insurance information, code a patient’s diagnosis and process payment requests from the patient’s insurance company. In summary, you will be trained to accurately record, register and track each patient’s account.


As part of their duties, medical billers and coders must accurately assign the appropriate codes and submit all required documentation for each claim to make sure that all bills are paid in a timely manner. As an example, a flu shot is classified by one code vs. a vitamin B12 injection which is classified with a different code, and the pricing is different for each one.

Additionally, there should be a follow up with payers to confirm the transmission and receipt of funds to the client’s bank account. Depending on the size of the office staff, and the workload, these positions may be handled by one individual or two separate people.

Before you actually start classes, you might want to get a head start with five creative ways to start learning. This is a good way to start your preparation to make it easier for you to obtain an overview:

These guides are effective ways to begin learning because they are self-paced and the information is easy to understand.

Remember knowledge is power. Another helpful suggestion is to explore Meditec as a way of learning Medical Billing and Coding.

On the site, you will find the option of signing up for a free guide which is carefully designed to help you learn more about the industry. Additionally, the guide gives you the resources you need and suggestions for gaining the knowledge, skill and experience to achieve your career goals. You will even find scholarships and financing options to help you finance your education.






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