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The Benefits of Training for a Portable Career at Home

Sandy September 13, 2013 Comments Off on The Benefits of Training for a Portable Career at Home

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A portable career is something that most of us aspire for, as it gives us the flexibility we need. Should we wish to transfer to a new location, we can always find a new one or stick with our current one if we have a portable job. Having a portable career also relieves one of the weight of being tied to the office everyday—allowing a person to be productive at work, save time, and enjoy life more.

The advent of internet technology has allowed more individuals to work at home.  While portable careers are not entirely new to mankind—teachers, nurses and living assistance providers are known portable careers since time immemorial—these jobs can only be performed onsite prior to the dotcom boom. Now, with the help of Skype, webcams, fiber optics (for internet connections), and other types of technology tools that facilitate various works from home, people can readily apply for and land a stable job virtually. Through the years, online portable career options have grown tremendously as well—now you can be a writer, a virtual assistant, events specialist, a graphic designer or artist, a teacher or accountant in the comfort of your own home.

What You’ll Need

You need three things to basically build a portable career at home: first, a stable internet connection; second, a computer, and of course, funds. You got to pay for your internet bills and possible training right? All of these things are equally important as you need to have a stable internet connection, computer and funds to find work, remain in constant communication with your clients, or get the necessary skills training for the job. Without these things, having a portable career may be anything but possible.

The Good of Having a Portable Career and Training for It

1. Portable careers are high in demand. ESL online teachers, translators, essay writers and editors, medical billers, coders, transcriptionists, and IT people are in high demand for their services. Often times, the local supply of talent is greater than the service demand for these people. This is because most people opt to work in offices or do hard labor rather than do the aforementioned kind of work.
2. Portable careers are lenient about credentials/degree requirements or lack thereof. You don’t have to worry about being a college graduate or not. As long as you can perform the duties stated in the job description and you have qualified for employment, you can already start work and become a remote worker. However, take note that some careers, like being a medical transcriptionist or medical biller or coder may require you to have prior medical background or training to qualify for the job.
3. You can apply for international jobs. A portable career is available globally, so you don’t have worry about local competition. This is because you have the option to provide your services remotely—either by chat, voice over internet phone, over email, or phone. Nowadays, you can be a writer for a company in Canada, the United Kingdom or another US state, while working inside your home office in US or Asia.
4. You get to improve on your technology skills. Your portable career will have you using technology, business and communication tools for the most part of your shift. Thus, you get to hone your skills of using and navigating your email, IM chat clients, webcam, GPS software, blogging platforms, and file-sharing apps.

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