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Grow your own portable career!

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 07/20/2015 - 17:04
Grow your own portable career

As a military spouse, you know how hard it is to be hired when an employer learns of your affiliation to the military. Rightfully, employers want employees who will be around long-term. But have you considered pursuing a portable career? From the word itself, a portable career is a career that you can take wherever you go. The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) program offers financial aid to military spouses who would like to pursue their education that will lead to employment. If you’re interested in growing your own portable career, read on! Earn Money and Have a Passion, Too You have advantages you can tap that civilian spouses and families don’t have access to. Were you aware that all branches of the military and the Department of Defense participate in an educational financing program that’s geared especially to the spouses of active duty members? It’s true! This program is called the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts or MyCAA. Once you decide you want to further your education, just set up an account with MyCAA. You’ll be asked to provide your DEERS eligibility and create a profile. Next, you’ll decide what kind of career you want. Just remember, it’s one you’ll need to be able to run from your own home. Finally, you’ll be able to enroll for the courses you need through Meditec. College Credits and eLearning If you qualify for MyCAA, you will get up to $4,000 education support which allows you to earn licensing or certification for careers that move around the world with you. You can sign up for real estate, computer or technology classes. With MyCAA, you’ll be eligible to study legal classes so you can become a paralegal. Or maybe your interests run more toward finance. You can also take classes to earn certification as a bookkeeper. It doesn’t matter if you’re two years, 18 months or even just three months away from an upcoming PCS move. Even if you’re scheduled to depart your current duty station next week, you can sign up for MyCAA and the classes you want, because all the courses are available online. This is known as eLearning, which may be the easiest way to earn your education and give yourself even more tools to become successful in your career. Protect Your Family and Yourself When you think about it, you don’t know what will happen in the future. By earning your college credits today, you may be protecting your family’s financial future should something happen to your spouse. When you sign up for courses through MyCAA, your unique needs as a military spouse will be understood and met.