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Photography Careers for Military Spouses

Submitted by Meditec on Wed, 03/09/2016 - 20:22
Photography Careers for Military Spouses

It feels like you signed on the military’s dotted line when you got married, doesn’t it? After all, you make the same moves your spouse makes – pack, move across the country or around the world, then set up a new home. Then, do it all over again in three short years. It’s hard enough getting your children settled in, let alone finding a job. Have you considered taking your talent for photography and using it to help your family? Learning photography for beginners gives you the foundation to make it a portable career.

Getting started is a challenge

When you drop off resumes at restaurants, stores, the mall and various offices at your new duty station, you’re afraid to hope, aren’t you? But you do. Every time the phone rings, your hope nudges up just a little bit. Every time you go to the mailbox, you close your eyes and whisper a prayer. But employers are hesitant to hire someone who’s going to be gone in two to three years. You want to help your spouse and put more money into your bank account. More than earning extra money, you want to be productive. Once the children are in school, and other than the usual household chores, you might not have much to do. But you’ve always love to take photos…

So take your artistic eye and put it to use!

It’s time to take your love of photography to the next level. Think about that touching scene you saw in the park—the young military couple, holding their two children, and having a family photo taken. You know they’re going to send copies of that picture to family and friends. If you want to be able to be a part of such efforts, using your natural talent and the skills you learned in a photography program, then make photography your career! With some practice and experience, you can make a lucrative career out of it.

Earn a certificate in photography

Military spouses are qualified to enroll and take photography courses. All you’ll need to help sign up for these classes will be an ability to speak and write English and a high school diploma or equivalency diploma. If funds are an issue, you’ll be able to apply for federal and state grant funds through the Military MyCAA program. After you’ve been accepted, you’ll be able to take all of the courses online. Along with the basic photography courses, you’ll also learn about managing employees and running a business. Once you’ve completed all the modules and required courses, you’ll earn your certificate. If you’re interested in starting your career in photography, take the training at Meditec.