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Safety Tips for Outdoor Activities

Submitted by Meditec on Mon, 07/27/2015 - 17:50
Safety Tips for Outdoor Activities

Planning to do fun outdoor activities this summer? Don’t forget to keep these safety tips in mind! Water Adventures Nearly everyone likes cooling off in the water during those long, hot summer months. Whether you grab the kids and head to the beach or hit the base pool or to try that shiny new water park, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Adhere to all height and weight restrictions. These are established to keep you -- as well as those around you -- safe and maximize the fun quotient. Even if your pint-size swimmer is dying to go down the twisty slide with you, don’t do so if it is prohibited.
  • Even if there are lifeguards, stay vigilant. Be sure that all non-swimmers stay at an arm's length away while in the water. Even with lifeguards in the area, their attention is likely stretched pretty thin. They should not be relied on to keep tabs on your tots. Why not make the most of your vacation? Splashing in the waist-high waves on the beach is the perfect way to elicit giggles from both parent and child!
  • When boating, wear a life jacket. Even if you can swim well, make sure that you wear a life jacket. If your child winds up in the water unexpectedly, you want to be confident that you can perform a rescue operation without compromising your own safety in the process.

Climbing in the Tree Tops Unleashing your inner monkey is becoming easier than ever these days. There are a number of tree-top adventure options throughout the United States. Like many other places of business, they often offer military discounts, making them the perfect option for an afternoon of family fun and adventure. While there are often height and age restrictions when it comes to the courses that are available, most tree-climbing businesses offer at least two options to meet most needs. Before being let loose on your chosen course, you will be given a brief course that focuses on health and safety in outdoor activities. A couple of additional tips include:

  • Always staying connected to the course. At no time should you or your child disconnect a harness from the cables of the course.
  • Always wear a helmet for you and your child. If there is the potential for a rough landing once you zoom down the zip line, for example, or when you hit a swinging net -- Tarzan style -- a helmet will protect your head from unforeseen injuries.

Fun and challenging outdoor adventures await you and your family. By following a few simple outdoor activities safety tips, you can enjoy a memorable, bonding experience that you can remember with fondness.