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Social Media Marketing | An In-Demand, Flexible Career

Submitted by Meditec on Tue, 10/21/2014 - 23:14

Today, Instructor Deltina Hay joins us on our live-stream show #MediTalksLIVE to discuss the growing trends in social media marketing and how these skills can help you either create a strong foundation for your career or be a great supplement to your current career.

What Is Social Media Marketing and Why Is It Important?

Social media is an ancillary skill for business and online marketing. It is part of your overall marketing mix, but is incredibly important because it provides transparency and authenticity to your brand. This way your audience and consumers can use your social media interactions as another consideration during their buying decision. Through social media you can interact directly with your audience, build a relationship, and ultimately create brand advocates out of them. You can't just know how to create a page, but have to know how to engage your followers and use your social media tools effectively to inform your decisions.

How Can Social Media Skills Help You Be Successful (Even for Non-Marketers)?

According to LinkedIn's annual survey, social media is the #1 most sought after skill across the board, not solely for social media marketers. This is because a lot of middle, upper, and executive level management are starting to be required to have a social media presence in order to add to their brand's transparency and authenticity. By humanizing themselves, they humanize the brand.

- Fields that Should Consider Social Media Training

  • Human Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Public Relations
  • Sales
  • Office Management
    • All of these career fields focus on direct interaction and engagement with your customer

Set Yourself Apart: Social Media & Small Businesses

Specifically if you are looking to do office management for a small business, social media skills can help set you apart from other applicants because you can do basic social media marketing on top of administrative tasks. Your social media presence can then help you differentiate your company from the local competition!

What Meditec Offers

- Three Programs Based on Current Skill Level

  • Social Media Marketing Assistant
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Marketing Director

- Social Media Platforms & Concepts

  • Blogging (WordPress)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Search Engine Optimization

- Courses

  • Introduction to Blogs and Blogging with WordPress
  • Social Networking Essentials
  • Twitter, Location-Based Marketing, and The Mobile Web
  • Media Communities, Social Bookmarking, and Crowd Sourcing
  • Social Media for Nonprofits
  • Business Presentations
  • Social Media Optimization and Analytics Tactics
  • Social Media For Business: Strategies, Policies, and Privacy
  • Creativity in Teams and Organizations
  • Innovation in Teams and Organizations
  • Microsoft Office 2010

- Important Details

  • 3 month programs
  • Largely video-based modules
  • Final exam at the end of each module

- Student Support Services

  • Real-Life Qualified Instructor – Deltina Hay
  • In-House Technical Support
  • Online Study Group Access
  • Career Services

Q & A

Are these courses intended to be supplements to a degree or stand-alone courses to help you get a job?

The courses can work both ways! I have definitely set up the modules in a way that can help you jump right into a social media career, but it can also help you beef up your skills if you have a job currently.

The only experience I have is with my personal Facebook account. Will I be able to take these courses and understand?

Of course! I assume nothing. We start from the very beginning in each of the modules to make sure you have a great foundation for more advanced skills.

Bouncing off that question, what skill do you think a social media newbie should focus on first?

I always tend to start off with blogging. I do that because I think it is a little more intuitive and it provides you content for your other social media platforms.