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Understanding the Root of Academic Difficulties among MyCAA Military Spouses

Submitted by Meditec on Wed, 11/13/2013 - 12:15
Understanding the Root of Academic

Military spouses who are currently taking their portable career training go through the same difficulties in school as any other student out there. It’s either they go through a performance decline or lose their motivation for studying altogether. Compounding their problems are the pulls of raising a family and starting a career, and running errands in between. In order to address these difficulties, let’s take a look into the things that are causing them in the first place. Stress. Past research indicates that stress causes learners to lose focus and retain information less. But despite the cry of many a hard workers, stress can be managed in many ways and not just through spa visits alone. Based on a Study Guides flash exercise contributed by Michael Diener and Dr. Brad Hokanson from the University of Minnesota, the best way to handle stress is first by setting realistic goals for yourself and second, by knowing that everything is under your control. Poor Time Management. If you think a day isn’t enough to finish all your tasks—you’re not alone. However, experience tells us that most of pull through by simply sticking to a schedule and accomplishing tasks one at a time. If you’re stuck or feel like pressed for time, do not pressure yourself. Take a break. Lack of Learner Professionalism. No, we’re not accusing you of being inadequate or anything. But some habits are worth taking a look at, don’t you think? After all, your road to improvement depends on getting rid of some seemingly innocent but bad habits. But let’s do it in the point of view of educators. If your learning habits are really flawed, how would they help you address them?  A study done by the Alliance Clinical Education among medical students recommends staging an intervention that will open up a productive dialogue between the learner and his or her teacher. One-on-ones, recommendations on how to improve organizational and time management skills, giving students additional reading materials, and referring students to additional sources from where or whom they can seek guidance can help big time. Personal Issues. According to the Western State Colorado University website, personal issues affect a student’s presence and state of mind while studying. These issues may include health problems, familial obligations, social interactions and finances. This may need a bit of sorting out on the learner’s part, but once resolved, they could make a lot of difference in the military spouse’s quality of learning. I’ve read somewhere before that contrary to popular belief, ballet is best studied during adulthood, when you have already developed stronger and resilient bones in your legs and whole body. Maybe it’s good to have this in mind during difficult learning instances—remember that just because you’re an adult and a bit older doesn’t mean you can’t learn new tricks. Meditec offers portable career training programs that will help you excel at a new found career. Couple your training with self-improvement and professional courses from, the premier online training provider that powers Meditec. offers top-of-the-line courses that will help students develop better skills and habits to help them get closer to their goals.