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Providing Support for Your Spouse in the Military

Mitzi C. Graham July 30, 2015 Comments Off on Providing Support for Your Spouse in the Military

How To Take Care of Your SpouseWe have some suggestions for supporting military families along with creative ideas for supporting your partner in military service. It’s important for military spouses to show their love and admiration for their partners who are serving our country.

Have you ever wondered about the schedule of your deployed spouse?

Depending on your background, you may already have some detailed insights about the type of training and challenges your spouse faces on a daily basis. Other sources of information might even include details from your father, friends, or one of your brothers if they served in the military. On the other hand, many men don’t share a lot of details to protect their families from additional stress.

What kind of support can you give?

Recognize and accept the fact that during military service, you will relocate about every three to four years. Teach yourself to maintain a positive outlook. And, if you need some help in understanding and accepting all of this, seek advice from military support services, and/or your friends. You may also find some online support suggestions from other spouses who are in your same position. Remember that you are not alone.

Try to set aside quiet time for yourself and explore meditation. If you enjoy crafts and art work, use your talents to create something beautiful for your partner. Consider creating a clever and funny piece of art or even a playful card—something to make your partner smile.

How do your support your spouse who’s in the military?

Supporting your partner while on deployment may seem challenging at the beginning. Bear in mind that your spouse will receive orders to go on and off deployment for various time periods based on directives from his commanding officer. Since this also applies to the men and women he serves with, it’s important to get to know them and their families.

Whether they live on or near the base, friendships are extremely important for you, your spouse, and any children you might have. It also makes it easy to plan relaxing and fun-filled social events and parties together.

Part of showing your support to your partner is showing that you will be able to take care of yourself. You need to maintain your own identity, interests, hobbies, and even your career and/or educational development. Your children also need to keep in touch with your partner by showing support and love with letters, cards and photos.

Imagine how proud your partner will be if you learn new computer skills, or successfully complete some online courses. Your accomplishments, and those of your children, will help ease concerns your partner may have about not being with you.

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